Dear Mr. South African Egg

Dear Mr.South African egg, I know this letter may come as a surprise but I have needed to communicate with you for a while now. You see I owe you an apology. For years I completely missed your true beauty. I grew up seeing my national eggs treated as royalty. Their white shells are always delicately washed.   They are gently placed in a posh, often powder pink foam case.  They are given an elite air conditioned room clearly displayed for all to buy. To me, for many years, this is what an egg was suppose to be. I won’t […]

Make Christmas Special on the Mission Field!

Christmas can be one of the hardest times for a missionary family on the mission field, especially if it is their first one away from family, home church and friends.   They may be in language school and can get together with other missionaries who are also in language school, or they may be in a place where they are the only missionaries around.  If the church is just getting started, they may be limited to what they can feel comfortable doing with their growing church family.  I talked to a few of our missionary wives and gathered some ideas […]

In Everything Give Thanks

  Often times as Missionaries on the foreign field, the holidays can be a bit of a difficult time, especially during our first couple of years on the field. Thanksgiving is no exception to the rule. I remember our first Thanksgiving away from the USA, around 13 years ago. The panic set in… “There are no frozen pie crusts here, no canned cranberry sauce, the turkey cost $50 dollars and its head is still attached!” What’s a girl to do when often the convenient and traditional things aren’t available, and mom isn’t there to help? I found myself not being […]

A Faithful Friend with Words for You

I recently wrote a post on my personal blog entitled The Knife that Cuts and the Knife that Sharpens. In response, I received the sweetest and most encouraging message from a fellow missionary serving in South Africa. Though we haven’t ever been on the same continent long enough to spend much time together, I am thankful for her faithfulness to speak truth into my life. I wanted to share some gems with you that she shared with me that day. She truly is the a faithfully sharpening friend that helps craft me into a tool fit for the kingdom work I’m […]

Making Memories…AGAIN!

Our time in the United States was crazy, fun, and always on the go. We traveled around 70,000 miles in a year! With that much traveling it was hard to get in all the family time that we wanted so much to have. I’m very thankful, though, for family who took time to be with us and make this past year a wonderful time. They went above and beyond for us. My parents set our furniture up in our house, my mother in law helped us get a bedroom suite, and brothers helped us with all the heavy lifting. One […]

Celebrate a Special Far-Away Someone with a “Birthday in a Box!”

Birthdays on the field can be a lonely time for an MK. She may remember her family and the fun celebrations they used to have back home. She may think about her favorite restaurant where she used to spend her birthdays or all the things she might receive if they were on American soil where they have all. the. things. Memories of birthdays past with special friends emerge with a longing to spend a day like those she’s spent before. My daughter was young when we moved to the field, and the first birthday she had here was her fourth. Even at such […]

Pete and Repeat Sitting on a Wall.

Pete fell off and who was left?  Repeat.  And off we would go again saying this little childhood rhyme. We found ourselves in a repeat place as our son and his family finished up deputation and was off to the mission field.  We’ve been through this before when our daughter left for the field.  How would it be different?  Would we go through the same things this time around? Things were the same in some ways and different in many ways.  We learned some things that made things easier and discovered how some things are harder. We learned that we […]

Ngokuqinesekileyo luluwimi

Our last stop this week is to the country of South Africa where the Underwood family landed close to three months ago. They hit the ground running and are now in the throws of language learning to be able to better minister to the Xhosa people of South Africa. I’m excited that Ashlee took some time to give us some insights into her new life on the mission field! Q: What is your favorite thing about your new home, South Africa? A: I would definitely say the people! In the three months that we have been here, we have already made some lifelong […]