10 Reasons why Deputation is Great

Deputation, the process or period of time during which missionaries raise support in preparation for going to their mission field, is often looked at in a negative light.    Sure the road gets long and weary, sure there is no bed like your bed, yep home school in the van isn’t ideal nor is potty training a toddler on the road a good idea.   But, in all actuality, deputation is great.

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1.   We get to experience God’s provision in our lives.

Obviously when you start deputation you are not fully supported.    At times finances are tight.  Not only have I personally seen God’s provision, but my children have as well.   This past month they were very bummed because they knew we were going to be out of town during their Papa’s fall festival.   The very day after they figured out this news one of the churches we went to had one of the biggest fall festivals we had ever seen.   It may seem silly to say that a fall festival would be considered part of God’s provision but for an 8 year old that looks forward to it all year it was pretty huge!

2.   Meet some incredible people.

Along our travels we have been able to meet some pretty incredible people.   Often our kids are so sad to leave conferences because of the friends they have made.   We get to hear amazing stories and see some pretty amazing churches.  We often get to see where our college friends have ended up and how they are ministering in their churches.

3.   Gather Ideas for your future ministry.

I went to Bible College and it was great, I learned a lot.   But what better way to learn and prepare then personally visiting hundreds of different ministries.   We have noted things we would LOVE to repeat and we have also learned things we would avoid.   I have gathered ideas for nurseries, mission’s conferences, ladies meetings, bulletin boards, and Christian schools. It doesn’t surprise my kids anymore to see me snap pictures of random things in nurseries.


4.   See God’s awesome creation.

 Sure being the car for hours upon a time gets weary, but at times I make myself put down my phone or whatever else I’m looking at and just look at God’s creation as we drive. We have gotten to see so many of the beautiful different scenes God has given us:  The Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, mountains of Tennessee, rainbows, lakes, snow capped mountains, even the plains of Kansas (ok so that may not be so pretty)


5.   Great experiences for children

Not only do we get to see great things but our children have had some of the most incredible experiences as well.   We have hiked the Grand Canyon, visited Mt. Rushmore, toured Tombstone Arizona, went to in indoor amusement Park on the Las Vegas blvd, zoos in many different states, Navy Museums, Creation Museum,  watched the Blue Angels, shopped at the Mall of America just to name a few.


6.     Family Time

Deputation, no doubt, includes tons of family time.   At times this can be a bad thing, like on the 6th hour of an 8-hour trip, but for the most part it is a huge blessing.  Not many families get to spend so much quality time together and experience the things I mentioned above.  I know when we arrive on the field, the kids will go to school, I will go to school, and Mark will be going in 1000 different directions so the fact I am privileged to spend quality time with my kids and husband is a blessing.

7.   Meet the people who will sacrifice for your family.

It is a very humbling experience to have people sacrifice for you, to pray for you daily, to know your names, ages, birthdays before you have even met them.  But the amazing thing about deputation is that I do get to meet some of these people and get to shake their hands and tell them how much I appreciate them.    Just last week we had a lady run to our display table calling Mark's name.  She was so happy to see him, she told us that she had had his prayer card for 12 years and had been praying for him often.  The prayer card she had of him was of him as a single missionary and often she wondered about him, if he was in the ministry, if he had gotten married?  She said at times she was tempted to get rid of the card, because she didn’t know anything else about him but she kept it.  She was so excited to get our new prayer card with 6 additional people on it!

 8.   Minster to others

 When we first started deputation it was kind of weird for me.  I went from being in full time ministry to what I felt like was no ministry at all:    I didn’t teach kids, I didn’t cook, I didn’t have a disciple, and it just felt weird.   But I soon discovered that deputation is a ministry.   I have met people along the way that I have been able to encourage, that I have been able to stay in contact with.  I have been able to relieve a Pastor’s wife of her 6th straight service in a row in the nursery.   I have been able to clean up after diners, or help vacuum the sanctuary.   I really believe you can minister wherever you are.

 9.   See the need around the world.

 Another huge blessing about deputation is seeing the need around the world.  We are consistently hearing about faith promise, seeing missionary presentations and hearing awesome messages about world evangelism.    I do believe if my husband could split himself into several different people we would be going to many different countries right now.

 10.       Friends for Life

 One of my absolute favorite things about deputation is that we are often running into friends whom I would consider my heroes.   As missionaries we are always in meetings with other missionaries.  Some of these missionaries are sacrificing and going to places that many would never consider, India, Burkina Faso, North Africa.  The stories that I get to hear about the sacrifices they have made show me how incredibly blessed I am to have such friends.  They motivate me, encourage me and inspire me.  Many of these friends you will be able to meet on this blog. Every time I run into one of them on the road, I know we will be having a good week!

 I am looking forward to stability, to not constantly packing and moving but I wouldn't trade the time we have spent on deputation, it really has been great.

With love,



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    1. Thank- you for sharing. This is such a blessing to read. Praise God. So happy that God has blessed u. Praying for u love April

    2. How awesome to hear this! Great story! I have often thought that despite the hardships you must go through at times, how exciting it must be also to travel, see other ministries, be with your family and meet new people! I always love hearing missionary wives stories, they are one of my favorite parts of our missions conference! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life and how God is using you!

    3. What a blessing to read this, Amy! I am so looking forward to reading more on this blog! What a great idea, practical postiive perpectives from many different ladies with many different experiences yet all unified by their love for the Lord and His love for them and their families!! Praying for you and Mark and the family! Love to all!

      1. Thanks Amy , This was so insightful as I read about your family! It tells me I need to be more involved!

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