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Paul’s longest letter is Romans. After fifteen chapters of explaining the Gospel and its applications, he spends the final chapter mentioning people. He thanks many of them for things they had done for him. Although, in this post, I cannot thank each and every person for everything they have done, I would like to mention some of the wonderful things that many churches have done for us along the way.

My husband, daughter and I have been traveling on deputation for a little over a year and a half. We have loved being able to share our burden for the people in China, and have tried along the way to be a blessing to the awesome people we have been able to meet on our journey. But, I must say, we have been completely overwhelmed and outdone by the amount of love that those we have been blessed to meet have lavished on us! You, senders, have committed yourselves to doing what God has laid on your hearts to do, to further the cause of world evangelism and it has not gone unnoticed.


Thank you for loving my little girl. She has been spoiled rotten by your love and gifts and that just blesses this momma’s heart to the core!


My daughter, Evie, with Dawn Sands. Dawn and her husband hosted us at their house during a missions conference. They were such a blessing to us and Evie was so sad to have to leave at the end of that week!


Thank you for knowing our names before we came to your church. To know that you expected our arrival and had already been praying for us means the world to us!


our names


Thank you for opening your homes to us to save us money and your church the expense of finding accommodations for us. We have loved getting to know you better. We will cherish the memories of staying in your homes for years to come!

Thank you for feeding us your amazing food. It’s rare for us to get delicious, home cooked food while traveling on deputation, but we have watched as you have poured your time and energy into preparing meals, just for us. I also have gotten some wonderful recipes that will be sure to remind me of your sacrifice and hospitality!

Thank you for knowing when we have needed encouragement. We love what we do, there is no doubt about that, but just like anyone, there are times when we get weary. Thanks for recognizing those times, even behind our smiling faces and giving us encouragement to keep on!

Thank you for giving your money so that we can take Christ to the Chinese. We have worked full-time jobs and understand the sacrifice it takes to give away your hard-earned money. Thank you for being faithful and cheerful givers. We couldn’t do what we do without your sacrifice and we are so grateful for you.


Some wonderful people who have given sacrificially to help us get to China.


Thank you for taking the time to send us hand-written letters and cards to tell us that you were thinking about us and praying for us. Those cards and letters have brought me to tears on more than one occasion.


We receive letters like this one from a faithful supporting church. I love that they get their kids involved in praying for and encouraging missionaries. What a blessing!


Thank you for giving us opportunities to serve. We are rarely able to be at our home church to plug in and help with events, teach classes, clean, etc. It blesses our hearts when you have allowed us to serve your church, from letting us teach a Sunday school class, to allowing us to take your spot in the nursery so that you could hear the missionary presentation, to handing over the vacuum cleaner before the service. Thank you for opportunities you have given us to keep serving the Lord through your church when we are away from our home church.


evie sweeping
Evie even got in on the cleaning after a wonderful meal at a church!


Thank you for showing genuine interest in our lives. Thank you for not being intimidated because we are missionaries and remembering that we are normal people who, not only love to talk about our fields of service, but also love normal, everyday conversations!

This list isn’t, by any means, completely exhaustive. I could go on and on naming specific things that you have done to bless our hearts. Just know that we are forever grateful for your commitment to being faithful senders! Thanks, from the bottom of our full hearts,¬†for loving your missionaries. We love you!


With a grateful and full heart,

Crystal Johnson

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    1. What a beautiful letter of appreciation you have sent! You must have a very big heart with all the gratitude you have filled up inside! May God continue to use you & your family in His plans-Ephesians 2:10-and add joy to what you have already expressed. May your precious daughter grow up seeing how God loves others through her parents! We may not have ever met but we belong to the same family so thanks again for this heartfelt letter & pictures!

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