4 Ways My Husband Can Partner with Me in our Ministry Marriage

In our last post, Corli wrote an extremely sweet and encouraging note to her husband that I think we all could glean some great insights from! Today, I want to share a bit of my heart to my husband about how he can help our ministry marriage thrive and deepen as we live and serve together.

My prayer is that, my thoughts, however scattered, can start a conversation in my home and maybe in yours about how we can better serve the Lord and bring glory to His great name through the marriage He has given us.


See/Hear Me

I admire your bravery, determination, and tenacity. I am on board with your mission, and I want you to see your dreams come true. Sometimes that tunnel vision that is so inspiring to me, however, leaves me on the outside looking in. I can’t pray for and encourage you like I need and want to if you don’t let me in. Your eyes are always on the prize, and I love that, but  sometimes I just need you to see me. I need you to see me when I’m fighting the language learning battle and the mountain of dishes resembles Everest. When the babies need me and I don’t feel like I have much left to give. A glance. A hug. A kiss. A whispered reminder of the love of Jesus. Of why we are here. When you see me, when you really see me, I am revived again to the do the work God has given me to do as your helper in life and ministry.

I need you to hear me when my heart overflows in words and tears and confusion. Grab my shaking shoulders and try your best to empathize. You don’t have to fix it, though I know you will want to. I spend my days speaking a language I don’t yet understand. I spend my nights with toddlers. My mom is on the other side of the world in a vastly different time zone. I guard my words for fear of being misunderstood by those who have no concept for what this life is like. You are my earthly safe place, and sometimes I just need to store some thoughts in there that I am tired of twisting around my soul. And when I’m being a crazy person, please, tell me in a loving way if at all possible.  I will try not to bring the wrath!

Love Me

I see your love for Christ as you give yourself to this language and these people. As you study your Bible every day. I also see it in how you love me and your children. I never want to take you away from your ministry, but I do want to breathe life into you by loving you as only your wife can. Please help me safeguard our marriage by investing in it. Take my hand on this wild journey of ministry marriage as we seek God’s favor on our life and ministry here. If we are here or in Timbuktu I am with you.

I want our marriage to reflect the amazing things that Christ has done in us and to propel our ministry. I want our love to weather the trials I know we will face. I want our children to see us fight for a happy home satisfied in the Lord and with one another. I want to teach our converts how to love and learn and fight and grow together because we’ve been there done that. Because we’ve lived the better for worse and have become better not worse. 

And by all means, date me every once in a while!

Lead me

Remember that I am your first disciple, in a way. Much  of what I learn about the Lord and His Word is from you. In many senses of the word, you are my pastor. Teach me, share with me, tell me what the Lord speaks to You. Take some time to remember the little people in your home who don’t know much more about Jesus than the lost people of Nepal. Encourage me to spend time with the Lord, and when obstacles get in the way of this, help me find a way to conquer them. Lean on the Lord as you guide us through life’s hardships, but don’t let me suck the life out of you. Encourage me to find my rest and peace in Jesus.

Dream with me

Nothing quite boosts my spirits like dreaming with you. Steam from a fresh cup of coffee and confidently spoken God-size dreams floating through the air already feels like a dream come true. A deep, deep sigh yet a scary and overwhelming and excitingly crazy breath of fresh air. What can God do with our family here? How can we improve our language efforts, our marriage, our ministry? What  crazy things can we make up, dream up, build up? What kind of amazingly insane and fulfilling life can we create through our service to the Lord? What can we teach our kids through the rough roads and who will they become through living this life with us? I’ve been dreaming with you for years. Look at where it’s gotten us! Let’s not stop here!

I’ve never been dissatisfied with your love and care for me. I am thankful to say that after a crazy first year of ministry, I believe our marriage to be better than ever! I praise God for that, but I ask Him, also, for the grace to grow even closer and to serve Him at a greater capacity together.

We can do this, babe. We serve a great God! He has gifted us to each other. To love, honor, and cherish, absolutely, but to do MORE for Him together as a result. Our marriage is not about us. It’s about Him. But He is so gracious to pour out blessings on our faulty and failed attempts to live for Him in light of eternity and heap happiness and healing on a marriage broken time and time again by sin and disappointment and defeat.




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