What I’ve Learned from you…

I am the last of our authors to write for the “themed month” on Parenting. To be honest, when I realized that I was scheduled for this topic, I was ecstatic! I thought I would have plenty of content to offer as someone who had struggled with infertility, and as a mom with a passion for being transparent in an effort to encourage other moms along the way.

I wanted to be REAL–Tell my failures as a parent to take some pressure off of the moms who compare themself to the one who seems to have the crafts planned, picnics packed and house organized. But I realized that my mission for that transparency would have been selfish. I wanted others to join me in saying “that lady doesnt really exist!”…but what if she does? Wouldn’t I then just be a jerk for implying that she cant possibly be awesome? (Let’s face it, she’s awesome)

Then I thought, “I’ll be INSPIRING!”–I’ll share the tips we use at home for not being complete bums as parents, and help inspire fun ideas for a mom who may be struggling to just get to the grocery store and home without crying (because we’ve all been there) and it helps to be reminded that those days don’t define us…but then again, I’d be preaching to the choir.


And now here I sit. Halfway through my “800 words or so” post and I’ve yet to encourage or inspire. So I come to you writing, HUMBLY and  instead of “bestowing great parenting truths” upon you, I’d like to just share my heart; one mom to a whole bunch of awesome, inspirational women.

You may have a half a dozen kids, travel in packs, and know your way around a Costco blindfolded…if that’s you, Mom, You go girl! I respect you for loving, teaching, and growing little ones for the Lord. I will be a better parent by learning from you that sometimes life is messy, perfection isnt my goal, and I will pray that God overwhelms your days with good.


Some of you may beg, plead and take every avenue available to have a child of your own, yet never be called “Mom”….That hurts me. I want to hug you, cry with you, beg from God for you, and I will pray for your heart to be whole in whatever our Perfect and Just God deems appropriate for your life. I’ll be a better mom to my own children because of your example of faithfulness to our God. I’ll appreciate my blessings, and not so easily forget my own struggle to hold them in my arms on days that I fail at being a patient mom.



You may be a “stay at home Mom”… I will be wiser about comments that could easily be insensitive– I can promise you, I would never intend to be that way, we are on the same team, not enemies 🙂  I’ll support you, knowing that we’ve both had rough days. I’ll never think for a second that you have it easy, but I also wont pity you, because I know you feel blessed. I’ll pray that you find time each day to recharge and be spiritually refreshed. I’ve learned a lot from you.


Maybe we are alike…Struggling not to cry because you hate asking for help to keep your kids while you go off to work. I’ll push you to remember that sometimes it takes a village, and those kiddo’s are getting more love and care than you could ever dream of, and that is something we can be thankful for.  You’ve taught me that just because we work 40 hours, doesnt mean we are vacant moms. I’ve watched you get off your shift, drive straight to church and fill up on goodness from His word with a smile on your face. I’ve learned from you that we can’t make excuses for not serving–we serve, we worship and we work to continue serving. 


Hey Momma on the Mission field. You are amazing. Watching you take your little ones, immerse them in a culture contrary to our own, and prove that “Serving God is Worth it all” compels me to be a mom with a bigger world vision. I will pray for your family’s protection. I will try harder to communicate with you, to remind you that I’m thinking about you. Thank you for taking the gospel to places I may never travel. My children love you, because I love you and you are not forgotten. 


To all of those moms who’s children have been “raised”… I’ve heard your stories about what you would and wouldn’t change if you had the chance, and I’ve taken notes. I have gotten teary eyed at your child’s wedding, thinking how full of emotion your heart must be to see them leaving father and mother, and cleaving to husband/wife. Uhhh!—Be still my heart! I love the joy I see in your eyes when your grand-kids run to your open arms. It never occurred to me how much work, heart, tears, laughter, pain, and joy can be wrapped up in being a parent...but you’ve shown me that its an honor. I will pray for you to be blessed upon blessings for your role as a mother.


And to those of you who may not be in the market for becoming a parent any time soon 😉 –can I just say, take a look around you; soak in the things that  women from all walks of life, in all shades of circumstance can offer us. We have so much to glean from each other, pray for each other, and to inspire one another. The best thing I can do as a parent is to take heed, respect and support the women God has placed in my life.

From a Mom,



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