Don’t Quit!

A few weeks ago Kyle and I had the opportunity to present the ministry at the church I went to as a little girl. There were several people I recognized and several people who remembered my parents, and couldn’t believe I, was that little six year old girl they remembered. After the service I asked the Pastor if a lady named Mrs.Diane was there. He began to walk us back to where she was, and when we arrived I wasn’t surprised to see it was the nursery. Mrs.Diane wasn’t just in the nursery for the evening, you see she is the nursery director. But the thing is she was the nursery director when I was in the nursery. She is one of the sweetest, most loving ladies I know. Besides my parents she was probably one of the first people to tell me about Jesus.

Twenty some odd years ago when she had a little, blonde haired, blue eyed girl in the nursery she probably didn’t think about what I would grow up to be, or where I would end up. She just did the ministry that God had given her at the time, and did it to the best of her ability.


This isn’t some deep post, that’s going to show you something you’ve never seen before. I just want to encourage you, encourage you to keep going in your service for the Lord. Mrs.Diane has been doing nursery for as long as I can remember. I’m sure on occasion it wasn’t the easiestĀ or most fun job, but she continued to serve our Savior through her ministry of the nursery, and to be honest I don’t remember ever seeing her without a smile on her face.

Before Kyle and I started deputation I taught the 2-4 yr old Sunday School class, I loved it! It was such a fun age, and I made me think outside the box with everything! I often wondered if they understood or were learning anything. But hearing them recite a verse (very small ones šŸ™‚ ) or even to haveĀ a mom come and tell me how their child told them all about what they had learned in Sunday School, or now seeing some of them grow and except Christ as their Savior, you remember it’s all worth it. Not because of anything you reap from it, but knowing your serving your Savior, and praying that in someway you impacted their life for Christ.

I know often times you may get into a routine and we can often forget that our ministry is all to further the gospel of Christ. You’ve been spit up on three times that morning, changed five diapers, and held two screaming kids, while trying to keep another from going head first down a slide. But when all that is going on, or you’re trying toĀ teach your Sunday school class the books of the bible, and there’s one student that just can’t remember Philemon, just think one day, she might end up being a missionary to Peru. And 25 years down the road, when you’re still there serving your Savior, she might come by and say “I know you don’t recognize me now, but you taught me about Jesus when I was a little girl, and now I get to go and tell others who have never heard.”


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  • 5 thoughts on “Don’t Quit!

    1. Your story brought tears to my eyes. We do have to keep on keeping on and do what God wants us to do. What a blessing this lady has been to so many over the years. Thank you

    2. That’s my Aunt Dee! She kept me in the nursery as a baby. She later encouraged her brother, my daddy, to bring us to church. When my parents was not into regular church attendance, Aunt Dee was ther to pick us up and bring us to SS and church. When she heard of a good prospect for me to have a preacher boyfriend, she made sure we met! At age 14!! Right after she lead me to the Lord! Now we dated for 4 years and now been married 43 years! My husband was called to preach at GH at age 16 and has pastored all these years since, and now we live in Bahamas, pastoring and flying to out islands doing ministries to pastors and orphanages! Who knew what one little lady could do!

    3. I loved your story. You are a wonderful writer! We need reminders that large and small actions of faith make a different in children’s lives. Faith in motion. You are a shining light! Peace and Love!

    4. Mrs. Dian Sockwell and her husband, Jack are two of the most godly, hardworking, loving people I know. What a beautiful story and an amazing testimony you have. Thanks so much for sharing your story!!!

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