60 Ways to Say “I Love You” To Your Husband


We surveyed a group of missionary wives and asked them how they practically show their husbands that they love them!  We hope it will be a challenge and an encouragement to you to practically love on the husband you got! I gleaned lots of new ideas from this and I hope you will as well!  Here is what they said:  

  1. Make sure that everything in the house is done when he comes home so that we can spend time together and I don’t have to stop to wash dishes or do laundry.
  2. Show delight as he walks in the door and express sincere interest in his day.
  3. Get the house in order and a yummy dinner on the table.
  4. Tuck my struggles, frustrations of the day far away to where they don’t overflow on him the moment he comes in.
  5. Apple crumble (insert YOUR husband’s favorite dessert) every Sunday!
  6. Make the kids leave us alone for a little while when he first gets home so we can talk in peace.
  7. Hang his clothes in coordinated outfits so he doesn’t have to figure out what matches.
  8. Make his favorite meals!
  9. Make sure the baby is down for the night by 9pm, so we get about 2 hours to ourselves as we sit in bed watch a show together, read, play a game, and snuggle.
  10. Pack his things the night before so he can just head out the door.
  11. Learn new hobbies together.
  12. Go to the gym with him.
  13. Complement on his big muscles.
  14. Become his student as he teaches me his lessons, which he enjoys because he is helping me understand the Bible better.
  15. Showing that I am extremely interested in whatever project he is working on to the point where it almost becomes my project.
  16. As his companion and best friend, I should and want to be his listening, enthusiastic ear.
  17. Making sure the house is orderly.
  18. Making sure that his things are in the same place all the time including clothes, shoes, food, computer, etc.
  19. Back scratches or massages.
  20. Stocking up on his favorite cereal.
  21. Making sure I don’t complain a lot.
  22. Telling him he looks handsome.
  23. Texting him funny or loving memes throughout the day.
  24. Encouraging him and praying for him.
  25. Try to have the family ready when it’s time to go (or before time) so we aren’t late.
  26. Make his morning coffee.
  27. There is usually chocolate chip cookie dough for freshly baked cookies and sweet tea in the fridge.
  28. Fix his plate for him for every meal.
  29. Send sappy text messages and write love letters.
  30. Try to scheme up ways to surprise him like making his favorite desserts or meals from different countries he’s lived in.
  31. I do a good portion of day time driving so that it frees my hubby up to work.
  32. Write little notes to him using bath crayons in the shower.
  33. Flirt…and be responsive to his flirts.
  34. Send him positive feedback when he writes a blog post.
  35. Commenting on what I get out of his sermons.
  36. Keep my schedule flexible so that he knows at any time I can be available for what he needs me to do.
  37. Praise him in front of others, keep the kids from touching his stuff.
  38. Study things he’s interested in.
  39. Surprise him with little gifts that I know he likes.
  40. I make sure he has all the ingredients to make his smoothies he likes to make.
  41. Tell him he looks handsome
  42. Tell him how thankful I am for how hard he works.
  43. Help him mow and do other chores that would be considered more for a man to free up his time.
  44. Make sure all his clothes are always ironed and ready to put on.
  45. Run errands for him.
  46. Touch him – A kiss, rubbing his back, grabbing his hand or just laying my hand on his arm is something he loves.
  47. Praising him especially after he has preached or when he comes home at the end of the day letting him know I’m proud of him and think he is great.
  48. Really listening when he wants to talk and not being distracted by kids or my long to do list
  1. Something as small as making his coffee before he starts his day and making him a simple breakfast means a lot to him.
  2. Try to listen to him talk/think through difficult situations and shed positive light and not negativity.
  3. Send texts and that tell him I love him and am praying for him.
  4. Tell him I believe in what he’s doing, and that he’s the man for the country we serve in.
  5. When he travels I hide notes in his things so he will find them throughout his trip.
  6. I try to teach the kids to take care of him, serve him, and treat him special.
  7. I talk him UP in front of our kids, my family and everyone.
  8. I try to keep him laughing.
  9. Write love notes on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.
  10. Send him an encouraging text when I know he is getting ready to preach somewhere.
  11. Make sure he never runs out of toiletries: deodorant, cologne, etc.
  12. When he asks me to do something (edit a blog post or read over his prayer letter) I try to do it right away before I forget!



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    1. Thank you, ladies for reading! This was an encouragement to me also to hear from every one else and how they are a a blessing to their husbands!

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