A Faithful Friend with Words for You

I recently wrote a post on my personal blog entitled The Knife that Cuts and the Knife that Sharpens. In response, I received the sweetest and most encouraging message from a fellow missionary serving in South Africa. Though we haven’t ever been on the same continent long enough to spend much time together, I am thankful for her faithfulness to speak truth into my life. I wanted to share some gems with you that she shared with me that day. She truly is the a faithfully sharpening friend that helps craft me into a tool fit for the kingdom work I’m called to do.

“Unfortunately I’ve been on the end of the cutting knife more than I’m comfortable with, but the Lord is faithful to teach in every situation. I prayed for you for grace! God is good. He taught me how to live by and hunger for a true, sincere humility, and boy did those situations contribute……..and I’m thankful now.”


“The last thing we need to teach new generation ministry wives is that perfection is a requirement and that we are to look for and anticipate a romanticized kind of ministry experience. Missions is messy…because of us and because of those we love going to reach and teach. But hey, our Father is a master at making beauty out of our messes! It’s all about him!”


She, along with many of the other great missionary friends I have, is several years ahead of me in this ministry life, and it is so encouraging to see the wonderful ways God is using her. I pray that as I continue to labor for the Lord on the mission field, I will continue to learn from those that have gone before me and be empowered by the great work I see God doing in and through them. I pray that I will take time to encourage and uplift those that come behind me for the furtherance of the gospel all around the world.


In the hard times, I’ll remember that I’m not alone. That my trials are not unique to me. I have sweet friends serving Jesus around the world, and even in the midst of their own struggles, they remember to pray for me and often take time to speak God’s graces into my life.

These friends are precious treasures. Their families, friends, and ministries sure are blessed to have them. I’m just so thankful they share them with me from time to time.


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