A Modern Day Dorcas

You may know the story of Dorcas: “this woman was full of good works and alms-deeds which she did”. So much so, that when she died, the community urgently sought Peter, “and all the widows stood by him weeping, and shewing the coats and garments which Dorcas made, while she was with them.”  Peter raised her from the dead.

This lady made such an impact on all those that were around her: she wasn’t a preacher’s wife, she wasn’t a missionary’s wife, she wasn’t a famous speaker nor author, she was simply full of good works and kindness.

Several years ago, Mark, myself and our 2 children moved from Peru, South America to Cumming, GA. This was a very scary move for me. We came to town before the actual starting of our church, so for a few months we attended other churches in the community. During one service, I casually placed my arm on the pew around one of my children. After the service a lady came up to me and begged to take my special diamond and sapphire ring, she wanted to get it fixed. I then looked at the ring and noticed for the first time that one of the diamonds was actually missing. After much insistence I gave this stranger my ring, she had it beautifully fixed and met up with me the following week. We met at a store and a wonderful friendship was started with her kindness.



A few years later, we took in Tyler and Chase. I honestly believe she saw them and knew… she knew they needed her and her family. Before anyone knew how long these boys would be part of our lives, her heart was already open to them. Before I even let permanency reside in my own heart, as their mother, she knew she had to heap kindness on these boys who were feeling lost and afraid.

I could tell story after story of the kindness showed, the birthday presents sent, the nurse advice freely given. Others could tell story after story of the kindness heaped on them, those whose families lived far far away, knew they had a family with her and her family.

As I learned of the death of Allison Clapp yesterday, I wanted so badly to fetch Peter. I wanted to show him all of the things she had given to us; I wanted her kindness to continue! But I know she is in heaven. I know she is in a better place. I hurt so bad for her 3 boys. I hurt for her husband, but I know her life was important to so many.  I know that in her death, we all can learn the importance of kindness, how important it is to impact others. I know I can’t fetch Peter, I know I cannot bring her back, but I do know that her life can and will continue to impact others. As I sit here today thinking of her, I want to show Christ’s love to as many people as I can, just as she did to me.  We aren’t promised tomorrow.  Life is a vapor.  Is your life impacting others? Will others be able to tell story after story of your kindness; of your love for Christ after your death?   And most importantly if you collapsed today and your life on earth was over, do you know for sure you would go to heaven?



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    1. Beautifullt written Amy. “Modern day Dorcas” we’re the exact words that came to my mind and I was reflecting on Allison’s life yesterday. In her absence there is a great cavity that we all need to fill.

    2. I have read your comments and others, they are all consistent in describing Allison! If there ever was a person that truly led by example, it was she. Thank you for writing this about her.

    3. Thank you for this. We love Allison and her family as if they are our family. In my grief, you have put a smile on my face as you describe the acts of kindness by our friend who will be deeply missed.

      1. I did not have the privilege of knowing your dear friend Allison, but your article reminds me that someday when I am no longer on this earth what will be said of me..Will others want to run and fetch Peter? Allison’s family will be in my prayers. Along with all of the friends and family who will feel the void.

    4. Beautiful post about a beautiful lady. What a wonderful legacy. Thank you for sharing how Allison touched your life. The first time I met her was after Riley (age 7 or 8) had a minor accident at church – Allison was right there to tend to her injury. Always thinking of others, she was truly a ‘modern day Dorcas.’ She will be greatly missed.

    5. I did not know her well, however I had met her a few times when I visited the church with my grandparents James and Amelia Weldon. When my Grandmother had her stroke there in church almost 14 years ago, Allison was immediately there performing CPR until help could arrive. I wasn’t present that day since my husband and I attend another church, but I have thought of her many times in reference to that day and was never able to thank her for her efforts. My heart breaks into a thousand pieces thinking about her family and friends that will miss her. She touched my heart and I didn’t really even know her, so I would like to thank her boys and husband in her place. I will be praying for your family and I am so very sorry for your loss.

    6. Mi familia y yo quedamos en shock, hasta ahora nos parece mentira, pero nuestra amada Allison se adelanto, recordamos esos momentos hermosos que la pasamos junto a su amada familia, quedara por siempre en nuestros corazones y mente, Dios bendiga y consuele grandemente a la familia Clapp!

      1. Amy, what a beautiful story. I did not know this was the woman Tyler & Chase were always telling me about. What a special lady, I did not know her but I love her for being there for all of y’all. So sorry & love you all lots!

      1. Jonathan let me know that the diamond that she replaced in my ring was actually the diamond in her original engagement ring. She was very special

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