A Two-Year-Old Christian

When my youngest daughter Cali was 2 years old, her favorite word was NO. As a matter of fact, she didn’t just say NO, she shouted it. I remember this stage with all my children, and it’s not an easy one. But thankfully they all grew out of it, with a little love and training. Two year olds want to do their own thing, which is normally something very dangerous or foolish, pretty much the opposite of what they are told to do. It takes time for them to learn that it is in their best interest to obey their authority because they can trust that their authority knows best. And when they finally learn that – whew!!! there is a lot more peace in the Snode household! We all heave a big sigh of relief. There are still times when they revert back to that “NO” phase, but for the most part, they all know better.

The other day, I was thinking about the Christian life. And I started wondering if a lot of us Christians are stuck in the “two year old” phase. Our favorite word is NO, just like the Israelites here in this verse.

Jeremiah 43:7, “So they came into the land of Egypt: for they obeyed not the voice of the LORD: thus came they even to Tahpanhes.”

No matter what God says or asks them to do, YES is just not in their vocabulary yet. How sad. Just like my children found, there is a lot of peace and freedom and privileges once you get past that two year old phase. Saying yes to God doesn’t have to be hard. He knows what we need, more than we know. He never asks too much of us. We are just too stubborn to admit we really don’t have it all figured out.

The other thing we need to be aware of is reverting back once we are out. Just when you start rejoicing that your two year old is past that phase, they revert back (probably cause they hear momma bragging too much). And I know there are a lot of times that I revert back to the NO phase without realizing it. I need to get into the habit of just saying YES to God, no matter what it is He asks of me.

Dear Lord, whatever You ask of me, I say yes. Please work your will in my life. I know your thoughts are higher than my thoughts, and your ways are higher than my ways. I just can’t know everything, like You do. So it’s impossible for me to know what’s best for me. But I can trust that You know best. Please help me not to revert back to the NO phase. I want to obey you so badly! I love you. Amen.

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With Love,


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