An Open Bible and an Open Map


“To know the will of God, we need an open Bible and an open map.” –William Carey, pioneer missionary to India

I remember taking my first mission trip outside of the US when I was fourteen. I loved it so much, I took another trip a few years later! While the countries I visited had a pseudo-Christian culture, I was deeply impacted by their need for the gospel and tremendously thankful for my exposure to it at such a young age.

The things I experienced and saw left an eternal footprint in my heart. Here are a few:
* Seeing God provide (over & above) the money I needed to travel grew my faith.
* Observing missionaries firsthand and seeing their everyday lives showed me that God could use me too.
* Worshiping with other believers who look different, speak differently, eat different foods revealed the universal power of the Gospel to change lives all over the planet.
* Stepping out on a venture of faith drew me closer to the Lord than I could have ever imagined.

One of the most life-changing things you can do is take a missions trip. Seeing the world firsthand outside of your comfort zone will leave you forever impacted!

So, why not resolve to take a trip this year? Maybe you have never been outside the country. Maybe you have always wanted to visit a specific mission field.

Vision Baptist Missions is offering trips to 13 different mission fields this summer during the months of June and July! You don’t want to miss an opportunity to visit some of the finest missionaries I have ever met!

Come see what God is doing in…
Burkina Faso
South Africa

Visit the VBM website and click on mission trips to see a detailed listing of the available trips and the missionaries hosting them.

Begin praying and believe God for a missions trip in 2014!

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