ANNIVERSARY WEEK: Guest Blog to the Authors

Pastor Austin Gardner, of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta GA, is the pastor to most of the authors on this blog, and has cultivated an atmosphere of service within all of us, and our husbands.

It has been through his direct influence and discipleship that so many of our authors are living and working as missionaries all around the world, or serving in ministries within the local church.

He wrote this letter to the Women Behind the Scenes authors, and we are honored to have his love and support.


Congratulations to all the ladies who write on the blog, Women Behind the Scenes. This is your One year anniversary. It has flown by. God has greatly used each of you. I am so very blessed to know you. I look forward to each post and believe that I have read everyone of them.

You are a tremendous blessing to all. I believe you add something to the world that was sorely missing. So much of what goes on in church, in our ministries, and in our lives is because of the hard work you do. Without you none of the men I know would be able to do what they do.
I want to thank you for your lives. I want to thank you for loving the Lord Jesus, your husbands and the ministries that God has called each of you to do! I am blessed to know you, to watch you work, and then to see you express your heart in this blog.
I get to serve as the pastor and mentor of many of your families. I know your husbands. I know the load they carry. That means that I have some idea about the load each of you carry.
There aren’t words to express my love and admiration for each of you! I have watched you deal with the loss of children, your health, financial support, criticism, and misunderstandings. I have watched you stand beside your husband and encourage him. I know that they are challenged to rise to the occasion and do things that they never would have done.
There are wives, moms, and young ladies all over that need you for your wisdom, your insight, your experiences, and your example. You are living lessons for so many. I am very blessed and proud of you!
I have saved many of your articles to use as illustrations. I have laughed with you and cried with you too! I have prayed for you and shared your testimonies with many.
I challenge you to keep up the good work. Keep on being the godly examples that you are. Keep on being the blessing you are first to the Lord Jesus, His church, your husband, and to me as an observer.
As I look around the world and see where each of you are serving I am thrilled and honored to see the caliber of godly women our Lord Jesus is using. From China to India, Africa to Thailand, the USA to South America, Europe to Muslim countries you are serving and God is using you to influence ladies all over the world. You experience life in every way we can all imagine. That is why you are such a blessing.
I am personally awed by the way God has used you and is using you all! I congratulate you on your blog. I congratulate you on your families, your ministries, your testimonies for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for all you do!
Austin Gardner
Vision Baptist Church Alpharetta, GA 
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