Are You Committed?



We just finished the OG Camp with 168 people, 6 professions of faith and 9 surrendering to missions! It’s exciting to see all that God is doing.

Young men and even more young women surrender to give their lives to the Lord on the mission field, but sadly not all will follow through. Once they get back home, “reality” sets in and many times friends and family will be opposed to their decision. The devil will be quick to make them feel that it was just an emotional decision, that they didn’t really mean it, that it’s ok to do something else in life. For some girls, a handsome young man will show up in the picture who wants nothing to do with the Lord, must less committing his life in missions.


Trials and Victories

Missionary wives doing a Q&A at the camp

But over the years many girls have surrendered their lives to missions and have followed through. So today I want to share with you their stories of hardships and victories! These girls are my heroes!

They may not have Central Air in their home; they may not have a backyard; they may have to keep nursery for the first 6 months of the church plant; they may have to leave their baby with a sitter while learning the language; they may have many lonely moments; they may have to learn to drive a stick shift in an overpopulated city; they may miss the turkey on Thanksgiving! And they WILL miss their families!

My girls are so excited to go back to South America this week on a mission’s trip!

BUT they get to see lives changed through the power of the Gospel! They watch as a person who would have ended up in Hell is transformed and grows to become a preacher of the GOSPEL someday. Their children get to learn a new language fluently and grow up to not only become bi-cultural but also to know that there is a need for more labourers.   They get to influence others to join forces with them as they strive to reach their area of the world for Christ.

Finish the Course!

I don’t think Paul would have chosen to be shipwrecked or beaten or deserted by his friend. But he plugged on. He fought the good fight, he kept the faith; he ran the course. He realized that the sufferings of the present were not worthy to compare to the glory which was to come!

So maybe you made a decision this year or in the year’s past to serve the Lord as a missionary. Or maybe you are a missionary on the field and you are discouraged. Don’t let the hardships turn you off course! God did a work in you, let Him finish it. Stay committed!! Philippians 1:6 – “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

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