Behind the Scenes: The Single Missionary

I am proud to introduce you to a guest on our blog. Her name is Beth and happens to be my amazing daughter. She is faithfully serving as a single missionary in North Africa.

Growing up, I never gave much thought to being single.  I naively expected by the time I graduated college I’d meet someone, get married and eventually have 4 kids.  That’s normal.  Well….life didn’t happen the way I expected.  I am not a husband hunter or a man hater.  I am neither.  I am simply, single.

With that in mind, I don’t like to the focus to be too much on the “single” part.  I do hope that will change one day.  It just has not happened yet.  In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the life God has blessed me with and serve Him to the best of my ability.  Right now, that includes getting to go on an adventure called missions.

Many days I feel like I live two lives simultaneously.  One is the “business” side.  I make the phone calls to pastors to try to set up meetings, I have to figure out the best software for keeping it all straight, and I write the prayer letters.  Then there is the “normal life” side.  I make the meals, I clean the house, and I do the laundry.  Smash those together and you get the life of a single missionary.

Thankfully, while I was on deputation, God gave me an amazing friend who was also single and also on deputation.  I cannot tell you how much I have needed and valued her friendship!  We helped carry each others burdens and talked for hours on the phone on those lonely 8 hour (or so) drives.  We were able to talk/vent/cry about things no one else understood.  I cannot tell you how much her friendship means to me.  I may not have a spouse I can talk things out with, but God has blessed me with precious friendships.

Marriage is HARD!  Motherhood is DIFFICULT!  That’s why there are so many books and conferences about just those two subjects.  Life as a single missionary is just that….life.  Some days are hard and some days aren’t.  It’s not that different than anyone else’s life.  There are both positive and negative parts of every aspect of life.  To illustrate this, I have a list of positive and negative aspects of single missionary life:

Positive: only have to buy one airline ticket
Negative: only have to buy one airline ticket

Positive: Live in another country
Negative: Live in another country

Positive: Cook one meal and it can last for many meals
Negative: Cook one meal and it can last for many meals

It all depends on how you look at it.

God has blessed me abundantly.  I have some of the most amazing friends that can only be labeled as “sisters from other mothers.”  I get to live in another country and share the amazing story of Jesus with those who may have never heard it before.  I get to watch as a new believer is baptized and hear those familiar words sound so amazingly beautiful in another language.  There are many wonderful things about being a single missionary.  Here are a few:

  • I get to give my one presentation in churches – I don’t have to worry about preaching a message.
  • Travel easily
  • Give rides (now that I have a car) to church and/or Bible study
  • Gift babysitting to missionary families in the area in which I work
  • Playing with kiddos and then sending them home (after some sugary sweets of couse)
  • Teach English whenever work-day or evening (I use this as a tool to meet people and help them too)
  • I get invited to dinner a lot. 🙂  If the woman of the house is already cooking for her family, what’s one more person?  Especially when I always clean up.  🙂
  • Plenty of time for language school
  • Meet up with ladies anytime they are available
  • Freedom to do what I want/need on my own schedule

As you can see, there are many positive things about being a single missionary.  Are there any other ways you can think of?  Feel free to add some more ways in the comments.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Giving God ALL the Glory,





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    1. Thanks for sharing your heart Beth, and thanks for your “team” spirit. You have always had a positive attitude and just served to the best of your ability wherever you are. So proud to know you.

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