Boy Meets Girl

In keeping with the love and marriage theme that we have had for the last few posts, we decided to ask a few of our bloggers to share their “how we met” stories along with a “then and now” photo. We hope you enjoy!


imageI met my husband for the first time on a missions trip to Peru, South America. I have pictures with him in it, so I know he was there. After that missions trip I moved to Georgia for college, and he was attending the same college. He remembered me from the missions trip, and I had no memory of him at all. Oops!
~ Rebel Hill, Japan

image imageWe initially met when my family started attending the church he was a member of. I was only a freshman in high school and he was a senior, so when he found that out, he stopped talking to me. But a few years later, we were in a Christmas play together. I was Mary and he was stuck being shepherd #4. He spent the whole time looking at me and praying that the Lord would allow for us to go out to Taco Bell after the service. I said no because I was dating someone else. That week, I broke up with my boyfriend and went out to Taco Bell with Jason the next Sunday evening and the rest is history…
~ Ashley King, Deputation South Africa

image imageAndrew and I had casually met on a few occasions, but it was at the BCWE camp that we began talking. As the week came to a close, we realized we had both signed up to work at the same three camps for the next month of our summer. By the end of the summer, we were officially dating and by that same time the next year we were getting married. God melded our paths in a time that I wasn’t expecting Him to. I had been so previously concerned about dating “the right guy” and had just before come to the conclusion that my summer would be spent focused on serving. Of course, it’s just like they always say “you’ll find Mr. Right when you aren’t looking for him, but rather when you are looking to HIM”.
~ Holly Pearson, Missionary Sender (Vision Baptist)

imageimageMy family and I were living in NC, and our Pastor at the time asked my parents to continue living in NC (because both of my parents taught at the Christian school) but travel to VA to be a youth pastor at a church there. I was really upset because I didn’t want to leave our church and my youth group. I was 13 at the time. Well, my dad took the church and it just so happened that Kevin’s best friend was going to the church in VA and Kevin was looking for a church, so his best friend invited him to come to the church my dad was a youth pastor at. I was 14 and walking around the parking lot when Kevin pulled up in his red pick-up truck. I thought he was handsome from the first time I met him! He was 20 at the time, so he obviously wasn’t interested in me. But we became really good friends working together in the church. I had prayed for Kevin for many years, but when I went to college I figured that the Lord had someone for me there. I was so homesick my first year of college and Kevin started writing me letters. The letters turned into phone calls and then dates! We dated for 3 years and got married when I graduated from college.
~ Beth White, Bolivia

imageI technically do not remember “meeting” Mark. He started going to my church when I was 8 years old and he was 12. I just remember him being my older brother’s friend who tended to get in trouble some. The summer of 1995 our church youth group took a missions trip to Peru, South America. Mark had already been there on an extended missions trip. The two weeks we were in Peru, I noticed him as someone who seemed excited about the Lord and a changed person. He still remained a big brother type figure as we both came home from that trip excited about doing more for the Lord in our church. We worked together in the children’s ministries, we hung out together, we took extra Bible classes with our friends and youth pastors. We had a different relationship than our other friends, I thought it was because he looked at me as a sister, completely comfortable with fighting, teasing and pushing me to do more. It annoyed me until one day during a “fight” our youth pastor looked at us and said you guys will get married one day. Mark told me a couple of years after our trip that he did and had liked me, it took me a few weeks to grasp it and to realize I “liked” him as well. After that realization when I was 17, my heart has only belonged to him.
~ Amy Coffey, South Africa

image imageStephen and I had met when he was home on leave from Iraq, in November of 2006. We had met through a mutual friend on a blind date. I know it’s cliche to say, but it was love at first sight!! He headed back to Iraq two weeks later and we happened to not exchange info (phone numbers, email, etc…). It was nine months later that he returned home, for good, and the first place he came to was my work. And, as they all say, the rest was history! We’ve been married for 8 years, have 3 wonderful boys and are headed to the mission field of South Africa in July! God has been so good to us!
~ Ashlee Underwood, Deputation South Africa


imageimageFrom the time I was a teenager I wanted to be a missionary, but by the time I graduated from college I had not met “the one.” I accepted a teaching job knowing it would only be for a year or two until I could work off my service cancelable college loan and figure out how to go down this missions road. The same summer, friends took me to our missions orientation week in order to find out more about how everything worked with our board. I was considering serving with the great team in South America. During orientation week, I met Keith Shumaker who was headed to West Africa. We had served in the same youth camp the summer before but never officially met or talked. (Although several mutual friends had been pulling for us to get together.) The first day of orientation, he sat down on the pew in front of me during a break between sessions, turned to face me, and asked, “So, you went to that camp?” We continued to talk throughout the week and after. It turns out the teaching job I had accepted before orientation was close to his home at the time. He had been planning to buy his plane tickets and head off to language school just after orientation, but he decided to wait. (Whew! I was relieved.) We were engaged within three months and married six months after we met.
~ Rebecca Shumaker, Burkina Faso


imageThe summer of my junior year in nursing school I was persuaded by a good friend to join her on a medical missions trip to Bolivia. But as the trip grew closer, our destination was changed to Arequipa, Peru, due to some civil unrest in Bolivia. Its amazing to look back and see how God’s hand was there in our love story all along. The very first day that we arrived we ate lunch at a missionary family’s home, the Staleys. And there he was…I distinctly remember thinking (and have a cheesy journal entry to prove it) “who is that good looking guy?” Dark hair, Spanish-speaking missionary and so completely handsome. Considering I had travelled there with about ten other girls, I assumed the odds were not in my favor. But he later told me (my favorite part of the story) that when I walked in, he leaned over to a friend and said “See that girl over there? I’m going to marry her.” (Swoon) Long story short- after I played somewhat hard to get, we married 10 months later.
~ Rebekah Hall, South Africa


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