WBTS 2017 Conference Notes – Life, Ministry and Serving the King part 1



I as well have expectations about ministry.  Don’t we all?

We EXPECT to volunteer for the nursery to minister to sweet babies only to embrace the reality of spit up all over our new dress.

We really EXPECT visitation to be an hour of awesome life changing conversations only to be kicked out of every apartment complex we try.  

We EXPECT that christian friendships will uplift and encourage us but in reality they take work and often end with heartbreak.  

I love Ministry, I love working in our church.  I love working for the Lord but….

Ministry can be MESSY.

So how do we keep from being disappointed when Life and ministry don’t meet our expectations and become messy?

Do we try to run away?

How do we avoid being grumpy when things don’t go as we wanted?

Do we not do the hard things and avoid ministry all together?

Do we live bitter because God didn’t give us children, or because he hasn’t abundantly blessed us financially. Do we never be-friend and invest in someone again because the last person we did ended up hurting us?

Monday we will look at how to live abundantly in-spite of mess and that true happiness and success comes only when….

Serving the King.





The theme for our blog this past year has been Life, Ministry and Serving the King.   When thinking over this phrase we began to visiulize  what we expect out of Life, what we expect out of Ministry.   The problem arises when our expectations of Life and Ministry don’t meet the reality of them.   For example:   I had extreme expectations for Furlough.  We love our home in South Africa but we also longed for somethings that we thought living in the States would produce, you know like Taco Bell and Chick-fi-la.  But I also had other expectations. […]