Don’t Pity Me

I’m a missionary-wife on full-time deputation. I travel around the US in an always over-stuffed mini-van with a sometimes-sleep-deprived family in order to share the burden God has given us for our chosen field. You might not covet my job, and at times I might not blame you for that, but I would never EVER stand for you to pity me.

Don’t pity me because the extended hours in the van mean extended hours with my precious family. Missions conferences are like mini-vacations for us as we enjoy spending a week together as we meet new friends in a new place. My daughter prefers her daddy to her mommy because of all the time they have been able to spend together. It’s such a blessing to have the quality time I know is not possible within most other family situations.


Don’t pity me because I have friends all over the continental United States and, literally, all across the world! At any time of the day, I have a seemingly unending list of genuinely caring people I could call up to shoot the breeze or pour out my heart to. Each church we visit holds potential for life-long friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything that might be offered me.

Don’t pity me because I get to hear the best preacher in the world speak every Sunday and Wednesday! I am able to watch my husband realize the dream he has had since he was a boy of fourteen years. And not only that, but I get to help him meet each of his goals along the way! Who else can say that they were given the wonderful opportunity of seeing and helping her husband achieve his life-long dream?!? The other writers of WBTS, I guess!



Don’t pity me because I have praying friends in countless cities and innumerable countries around the globe. My picture, on a prayer card, is plastered on families’ fridges that pray for my needs as often as they feel they need a snack. Near perfect strangers whose names I could never recall lift my name up to the Lord on a monthly, weekly, or, sometimes, daily basis. My prayer letter lines the walls of the many churches who have partnered with my family. Any person, at any time, can view our prayer requests and take them to the throne of grace on behalf of our family.

Don’t pity me because my daughter has “grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters” in all kinds of places! (I’m sure she has some “mommies and daddies” too, but I’m not giving that title away!) She has had more baby dolls given to her than most kids get spankings, and we have had to keep presents back from some of the missions conferences so she doesn’t get too spoiled all at once! She lights up when we get to church and just can’t wait to get to nursery and meet her new friends. It is a joy to watch her grow socially and behaviorally through her time spent in “chee-urch,” as she likes to call it.



Don’t pity me because I get to watch the Lord provide for my family through the sacrificial giving of His people. It seems as though I get more “green handshakes” than regular ones, and I have a separate wallet just for gift cards. Generous souls give above and beyond our needs (and often beyond their ability), and our set-up fund grows with each passing month. We jump up and down at the news of each new church that chooses to partner with us financially in order to send us to the land that has our hearts.

Don’t pity me because all of this is absolutely worth it. One day, we will see lives changed by the gospel in a country where the majority have not heard of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Until then, we will enjoy hearing the testimonies of faithful saints, being spoiled far-beyond what we deserve, and doing our best to influence others for the cause of world-wide missions!


So, when you see me cover my dark eye-circles, turn around my baby-stained skirt, or sigh as I carry my sleepy, screaming child out of the back of the church for the 7th time that service, feel free to pray for me, help me out, or give me a hug, but please, please, please don’t pity me!




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