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We want to take time this week to make sure our readers are informed about one of the most exciting events of the year- the Our Generation Camp! I think the best way to do this is to answer some of the questions we are asked most frequently by students (high-school and college-age, not necessarily enrolled in school) interested in participating in this life-changing week!


Frequently Asked Questions about the Our Generation Camp

Student: “What does OG stand for?”

WBTS: “It stands for “Our Generation.” We believe that it is the responsibility of THIS generation to reach THIS generation of lost souls. Our desire is that young people would walk away from the OG Camp wanting to make a difference in the world during their generation.

Student: “Why should I attend the OG Camp?” WBTS: “Well, I’m glad you asked! ☺ The OG Camp was started by missionaries and is still organized by missionaries who desire that many more young people would surrender to serve the Lord in any area of service that God leads them into.

Student: “Is it only for young people who feel God wants them in missions?” WBTS: “No. The OG camp is for any young person who wants to serve God in any area of life, whether full-time or not. We believe that every Christian can have a part in worldwide evangelism.”

Student: “What does the camp schedule look like?”

WBTS: “Every day there is a time of preaching and smaller break-out sessions, all taught by veteran missionaries who have served on the foreign field. The afternoon is filled with organized sports, swim times, horseback riding, canoeing, and time to interact personally with many of the missionaries who will also be there.

Student: “How have you seen the Lord work in past camps?”

WBTS: “The seed of missions has been planted in the hearts of many young people in past camps and conferences, and many are on the field today, currently on deputation, or headed to the field.

Student: “How are the OG Camp and “Women Behind the Scenes” associated?”

WBTS: “Great question! We are the ladies and wives of the missionaries or senders that organize these events. The funny thing is that several of us actually met our future spouses at these events!

Click here for more information about the OG Camp. It will be held June 9-13 at Sand Mountain Camp in Trenton, GA. There is an early bird special ($15 off) for anyone who registers before April 1st! We would love to have you and your friends join us this year at camp! Don’t miss the WBTS CAMP GIVEAWAY coming soon to the WBTS blog!! Sign up to receive our blog posts directly to your email so you don’t miss it!

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