First and Greatest

I am not awesome at anything impressive. I can do some things in mediocre quality, but I’ve never been awesome at any one thing. I’ll be honest, though, and tell you one thing which I’m pretty great at: making excuses. I mean, it’s amazing how well I can fashion an excuse into sounding like it’s actually, absolutely not an excuse. I’ve been an expert at this for a while, but over the past two years, my life has changed in such a drastic way that I’ve perfected my art of excuses. I’m sure you ladies would never make excuses for important things such as reading your Bible daily, but I have been known to do such a thing. It’s totally okay though, right? I have two kids under two! Oh, and of course, there goes my classic excuse for everything. 

If I’m honest, in my new role as a mom of two, it’s incredibly easy for me to think, “Everyone understands how terribly busy I am, right? Surely they understand that I have a perfectly good reason for why I can’t read my Bible daily.” If I’m even more honest, it was just as easy to think up another excuse even before I had any kids. Sadly, I just feel more justified nowadays. The truth is, it is natural for all of us to allow excuses to derail our priorities no matter what phase of life we might be in. When this happens, I’m thankful for wonderful truths from God’s Word that remind me to get it together and put my priorities in order.

Whether you’re a new time mom like me, a newlywed, a student, or even a well-seasoned wife and mom of multiple kids, I’d guess that you find yourself in these shoes often. If you are a believer of Jesus, you and I are daughters of God. He is our first love (Revelation 2:4) and deepest priority. Any time we neglect to spend time with Him, we are leaving our first love. Of course, my children and my responsibilities at home are important, but when I make my time with God even more important, I treat Him like He is God, and I trust Him like He is God. 

When Israel crossed into the promised land, the Jordan river miraculously stopped flowing and the mighty city of Jericho was terrified of them. It was a perfect time for them to charge the city and take it over while they had an advantage. However, God tells them to circumcise their men instead. This makes them weak and paralyzed in front of their enemies, but it also identified themselves as God’s people. They gave time and priority to being His before serving Him (Joshua 5:1-10).

A lot of times, I find myself in a similar situation. I always feel a certain urgency to take care of tedious responsibilities. When there are those miraculous spurts of free moments and energy, I feel the need to make use of the energy and momentum I have to conquer the dishes and massive piles of laundry or snuggle my whining babes. Instead, what I really need to do is ignore the looming tasks at hand and spend time identifying myself as a daughter of God.

We all struggle with making excuses for neglecting our priorities. Mine are tiny bundles of joy named Eden and Noah. But an excuse is an excuse and our God is God. I need to remember that it is not a successful day because my laundry is done, the kids got baths, my floors are vacuumed, my dishes are washed and my meals are hot. My day was successful because I found a moment of solace in the midst of chaos to give my first love a moment with Him. 



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  • 7 thoughts on “First and Greatest

    1. I needed this!! im so ashamed of the excuses i have made for neglecting my personal walk with God. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your heart!

      1. Ah! Awesome. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in bringing us to Himself and reminding us to love Him. I am so glad I had the opportunity to share His working in my life.

    2. Thank you for sharing this Beth! It is so easy to make excuses no matter what stage of life we are in.

    3. Thank you my friend! You really hit it home for me. I need to leave my wifely things “newly wed” to the side and make God a priority!! i needed that thank you for being so transparent and wise as always. what a blessing to know you.

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