Friday Favorites 10/24/14

We at Women Behind the Scenes would like to share some items that we have found encouraging, informative, and helpful each week. We hope you are blessed, encouraged and equipped these links and articles! If you have favorites, be sure to leave a comment and we’ll try to get those in future posts!

Upcoming Events

Photo Jun 12, 2 21 19 PM
Click the image for more information about the upcoming Our Generation Missions Summit!

Do you Measure Up?

Kevin White, missionary to Bolivia, share his thoughts about measuring up in a recent prayer letter.


Insecurity, Pride, Ego, Selfishness

Take a few moment to read a post from Pastor Austin Gardner on dealing with some emotions and attitudes we all struggle with.


Peru Ministry Podcast

Listen to David Gardner, missionary to Peru, as we learn exciting news of how God continues to work in a ministry that has been growing for many years. Learn from the life of an MK that loves God and loves people.


Book Review: From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya

Interested in Missions? This book is a must read. Learn more about it in Travis Snode’s book review.


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