Friday Favorites–October 17, 2014

Going forward, we at Women Behind the Scenes would like to take some of our Friday articles to post items that we have found encouraging, informative, and helpful each week. We hope you are blessed, encouraged and equipped these links and articles! If you have favorites, be sure to leave a comment and we’ll try to get those in future posts!

Upcoming Events

Photo Jun 12, 2 21 19 PM
Click the image for more information about the upcoming Our Generation Missions Summit!

Steps to Becoming a Missionary

Would God have you be a missionary? Would you even know where to begin? Find out here!


Do you doubt God?

In moments of trouble do you trust in God? Is doubt a good thing? Are you the only one that doubts him? Why do we doubt God?

Click here to listen to hear what the Bible says about doubting God and learn how we can trust in God in a life full of problems.


Our Missionaries in Mainland China

Follow along here and pray as our teammates in China are dealing with transitions to be made as a result of a recent police visit to their church in China.


Domestic Missions

The team we at WBTS are part of isn’t interested only in foreign missions. The church many of us are members of recently planted a church closer to the Atlanta area. Follow along here and pray for this young church!


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