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Going forward, we at Women Behind the Scenes would like to take our Friday articles to post items that we have found encouraging, informative, and helpful each week. We hope you are blessed, encouraged and equipped these links and articles!

Upcoming Events

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Click the image for more information about the upcoming Our Generation Missions Summit!

Guilted Into Being a Missionary

Would God have you be a missionary? Do you feel pressure and wish you didn’t? Read Pastor Austin Gardner’s story about becoming a missionary and consider the checklists he includes to help you know if you’re being called and are ready to go! Read Part 1 and don’t forget to follow up with Part 2!


Called to Send?

Follow along with Trent Cornwell, Assistant Pastor of Vision Baptist Church,  as he discusses pioneer sending, what it means, and how God has moved in his life to help him become a sender here.


Raising Awareness

Ed de los Reyes, missionary to China, discusses raising awareness about the Gospel in light of the recent social media craze. Don’t miss the video showing his “particpation” in the challege!


From the Authors

Maria Morgan, WBTS author, shares about taking time to talk to the Lord.


Authors’ Picks

Our authors found this post very encouraging as we take time to pray for our little ones, their future spouses, and our own relationships with the family who joins our own in marriage.

Be sure to listen to this podcast by Austin and Betty Gardner as they discuss family life!


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