Friday Spotlight: Great New Missions Resource!

The Pioneer Sender is a new and valuable resource written by one of our author’s husbands, Trent Cornwell. Pastor Austin Gardner wrote the below review. It was originally posted here.


I want to share with you a great book that you will want to have in your library. This book is being brought to you by Our Generation Publishers.
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Trent Cornwell wrote this book. He leads our church in a great ministry that we call the Goer Sender Coalition. This is a place to let our people know that they are a strong part of World Evangelism and what God is doing around the world.


One pastor sent the following note about the book:

“Trent Cornwell has written a profoundly convicting call to the sleeping “American Christian”—to seize this day, see the fields white, and steward our abundant blessings for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every Christian and church family should read this book, but beware, it will jolt you to obedient, sacrificial, biblical living!”

This is what I wrote as a foreword for the book:

When William Carey went to India it appeared to him and his friends that they were doing something very difficult. It was like they were talking of going down into a deep mine that had never been explored. They had no one to guide them. The unknown was staring them in the face. Carey said that he would go down if his friends would promise to hold the rope. He would go down, but while they were living they were to never let go.

Carey went down into that pit, and God greatly used him to get the gospel to India. He was also used to stir countless others to do the same. Even today men still go across the world to unknown places and live in ways that are strange to them to get the gospel to the world.

My family and I spent twenty years of our lives living in Peru. When we went to Peru, living outside of suburban USA was totally strange to us. The language was new, different, and difficult. The customs were strange. The work was scary and more challenging than I had ever imagined. They were the greatest years of our lives. I wouldn’t trade them for anything, but I needed people holding the rope for me.

I know that you picked this book to read because you are interested in missions. I know that you want to make a difference. You are not one of those who are glad God called them and not you. You care. You want to make a difference. This book and its author, Trent Cornwell, can help you make that difference.

Trent is a man on a mission. He is a pioneer sender because that is the job that he really believes that God wants him to do. He faced the decision to be a missionary or not. God directed him towards helping others do more than they could do alone.

When Trent was a student with us in Peru years ago he read every book he could get his hands on. He devoured them. I remember an evening when he made a statement to me that I have never been able to forget. He had just read a book that had stated it was more important to wake up 100 firefighters than to just fight the fire himself.

It takes many hands to get the job done. Trent is being used of God on the pastoral staff of our church. He preaches often when I am traveling. He leads classes, directs the teen ministries, helps train future missionaries, and helps missionaries in every way that he can. He is an advocate for the world and especially India. He is a rope holder. He is a sender.

Our church, Vision, has a Goer Sender Coalition meeting each month. In this meeting we hear from goers or missionaries. We also hear from senders or those that hold the ropes and make it possible for others to go. All of this was Trent’s idea. He wanted every member of the church to feel like they were doing their part.

There is no reason for those who stay to feel like second-class citizens. There should be no guilt complexes put on those that do not feel that God has called them to the mission field. There should be no manipulation used to make us give or even go for that matter.

However there should be a way for all us to take part in God’s great commission. We can make a difference. All of us are important to God and His plan to get the gospel message to the world.

What you will read in this book is not theory but practical. It is being put into practice right now at Vision as Trent teaches us all how to do more of our role of getting the gospel to the world. Trent and his ministry are making a big difference. The people of Vision feel like a part of the work. They give sacrificially. They pray for their missionaries. They stay in touch with them.

Over twenty missionary families call Vision their home. The ministry that Trent is leading is making that difference. He challenges and motivates us to do more to get the gospel to the world.

I know that you are going to read this book because this is exactly what you want for your church. You want to see your church actively involved in the Great Commission. You want to see your people know their missionaries and really care about what is going on. You want them to know how to do the ministry that God has given them in your church and especially in their part in world evangelism.

This is a practical how-to book. It is not something you will simply read over once. It is a work book. You will use it constantly. I want to suggest that you meet with your people and go over each chapter. Teach them how to make a difference. They will thank you. They will be more excited about their church, their missionaries, the gospel, and even God Himself as they learn how they can be a useful part of the equation.

This book is about to revolutionize your church. Share it with everyone you can. Your missionaries will thank you. Your church people will be grateful. You will be glad you got into this book and put it into practice.

I know Trent very well. I unashamedly love him and am very proud of him and his family. I believe in him and all he does. I have worked with him for over fifteen years. I know what he writes here is true and from his heart. It is his passion and not his alone but also that of God our Father.

Let Trent share with you lessons that will make a major difference in your church. Missions shouldn’t be one of the programs of your church. It should be the heartbeat of your church. It shouldn’t be one of the spokes in the wheel. Missions is the hub of the wheel. After you read this book and put it into practice you will see how that is possible.

Thank you so much for what you are about to do for world evangelism. I know you have already done a great deal; know that what you are doing is about to grow exponentially.


This book will cost you $7.99 right now plus shipping. Pastors and leaders, you should buy it in bulk. If you will buy 25 copies you will get a 40% discount. You can share this all around your church and see great things happen in your World Evangelism Ministry!

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