From Blunders to Blessings

God is workingI remember bringing our daughter, Riley, home from the hospital. The outfit she wore seemed to swallow her as she nestled in her car seat. I felt at a loss. This was our first baby, and the doctors and nurses hadn’t sent an instruction manual home with us.

What if she cried and I couldn’t console her? What if she couldn’t get the hang of feeding? Would I remember everything they had told me about bathing her? Then she began to grow – and the real work of parenting began.


Our daughter is an adult now and has begun a life of her own with her husband. As we’re adjusting to the empty nest, I’ve had time to reflect.

As a parent, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve made more mistakes than I can count (click to tweet). I marvel at God’s goodness as He taught me things about myself and my family, through the parenting process, that I wouldn’t have learned any other way.

Some lessons

1 – He showed me my selfish nature.

I’ve always thrived on accomplishments, whether it’s cleaning the house, balancing the checkbook, or writing a manuscript. I enjoy the feeling of being able to check off the tasks on my to-do list.

I know there were many times I missed opportunities to be a part of my daughter’s life, because I was busy with my own goals and objectives. Gentle nudges from my Heavenly Father reminded me to look for the teachable moments and speak His truth:

And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. Deuteronomy 6:7

2 – He uncovered my pride.

It was important to me for Riley to do well in school. I remember getting angry at her on more than one occasion when her grades weren’t what I expected. The truth? I felt it was a poor reflection on me. Pride at its ugliest.

Through these life lessons, I learned to apologize and acknowledge that parents make mistakes too!

3 – He taught me to hold on loosely.

Our daughter was never ours to keep. She was/is a gift from God to be brought up in His ways. While she was living at home, it was our responsibility to introduce her to the Lord, and to show her what it looked like to live in obedience to Him.

The years of studying God’s Word and living it out, were to prepare her to continue the process in her own home one day.

Another stage

We’ve entered a new stage of life now. The parenting manual has been set aside and a close-knit friendship has taken its place. It’s exciting to look back on the days of parenting and realize God was at work all along (click to tweet).

In spite of my mistakes and mess-ups as a parent, Riley has a heart for the Lord. She married a godly man and the two of them are looking for a church in their new hometown where they can get plugged in and serve. To God be the glory.

Your turn

Parenting is tough. What step will you take to make your parenting more God-honoring?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank You for the privilege of being a parent. Forgive me for the times I’ve failed to be the example I need to be in front of my child(ren). Thank You for the reminder that You are at work. Help me be faithful to share Your truth with those You’ve entrusted to me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Maria I. Morgan is passionate about sharing the truths of God’s Word with today’s generation. Originally an inspirational author and speaker for adults, Maria has widened her circle to include kids. She lives in the muggy South with her husband, two retrievers, and two Maine coon kitties – the perfect mix to fuel her creativity for years to come!


(You can purchase a copy of her children’s book, “Louie’s BIG day!” on Amazon. You can also find her devotionals and download a free copy of her eBook, God Speaking, at




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  • 6 thoughts on “From Blunders to Blessings

    1. Thanks for sharing your heart! What a blessing for you to look back and know that, yes, there were some mistakes, but mostly you did your best, and she is now living for the Lord. I hope and pray I can say the same one day. Great truths in this article.

    2. I am blessed by this woman and her way with words, here on the blog spot, and by getting to speak with her, most days. Her heart for God is a wonderful example to glorifying His Name! I love you Maria!!!

      1. You’re a blessing, Melisandra! I see you continuing to grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord. I know He has wonderful plans for your life, my friend. Thankful for you & love you too!

        1. I can’t believe I only just saw this now! You are too kind, my friend. We were in class today and there a Revive Our Hearts work packet that we did. Instantly, I thought of you. I am so glad we have been able to focus on God’s Word together since we met one another, and every day, when we see one another!!! <3

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