From Home to Home

My family and I moved to Dalian, China on January 26 of this year.  I decided to document our journey to the other side of the world with short videos.  This is a compilation of those videos.  It’s surreal to think that we are finally on the field that God has called us to so many years ago and we are ready to start learning Chinese so that we can eventually share the gospel with these precious people in their heart language!



Yours for China,

Crystal Johnson


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  • 5 thoughts on “From Home to Home

    1. Thanks for doing this. Your tired voice is just the cutest! I remember those mommy feelings…I cried on the flight over my sleeping babies just thinking how they had no clue what was happening and how different their lives would be from here on out. I can say God is faithful and good to us and our babies. Their lives will certainly be different but incredibly blessed, too. Just like yours. Love you, friend.

    2. Great job! I loved seeing the energy Evie had about 2 hours into the flight, you could tell she was ready to run 🙂

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