Getting Used to India

In June, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to take our survey trip to the country of India. Upon arriving, I wasn’t shocked that things were different; I had prepared myself for that. But the reality  of actually seeing all of these things and being personally affected by them was a whole other story!

As I adjusted, I realized  that, while it will be challenging, I can get used to all of these things.

I can get used to having a “Revolving Door” as Autumn, current missionary to India, refers to hers.

I can get used to living in a heavily populated area.



I can get used to only being able to call my family at certain times of the day and not just when I feel like chatting.

I can get used to wearing clothes that aren’t necessarily “my style” (and I learned to love it!).

I can get used to eating a mostly vegetarian diet that is heavy in spice (I adjusted quickly! I loved the food there!).

I can get used to extremes in weather: the heat, the humidity…even the monsoons.


I can get used to people ALWAYS being around (maybe).

I can get used to traffic where lines are merely decorations and not even recommended guidelines!

I can even get used to monkeys in the street.



What I couldn’t  get used to, however, was that the masses of people I pushed my way through were nearly ALL lost. The majority have never even had a chance to hear the gospel I’ve grown up with. I pray that this will be the one thing I will never become accustomed to while living in India.

I can’t get comfortable getting by on broken English without constantly being aware of the great need of the gospel in the country that will become my home. The reality of the void of the gospel in this country has to be the fire that fuels me to learn (language, culture, etc) and grow so that we may be able to plant churches, train leaders, and give God ample room to do an amazing work among the Indian people.

It was hard to return to the United States. Not that I just loved the way of life in India because I didn’t (yet). It was easy return to my normal American way of life, but in just that short time, I was challenged to want to be in India. I want to learn the language (like YESTERDAY!) and culture, and I want to get started in the ministry as soon as possible. I love deputation, but I’d like it to hurry up and be over so we can go back to India and get started on what we believe the Lord would have us to do! I’ll TRY to be patient…

I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to to see all that I was able to see while on our survey trip to India. I’m especially grateful for a renewed sense of the need of the gospel all over the world and the tendency I have to become unaware of it or, at least, uncaring about it.

Please pray with me that we, collectively as believers, would never get used to the need of the gospel around us- in the US, in India, or wherever the Lord takes us, and that we would do all that is required to declare His name among the nations.

For Him,


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