“Louie’s Big Day!” GIVEAWAY!

It’s a very BIG day for one of our authors, Maria Morgan.

Maria is a Sender from Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. She and her husband are very involved in teaching, children’s ministries, as well as the music program there. She has recently authored and published a wonderful children’s book, “Louie’s Big Day!” and today is the release date!

***GIVE-AWAY*** Maria would like to send a (signed by the author 🙂 ) copy of “Louie’s Big Day!”  to one randomly selected person who comments with their favorite children’s book title in the comment field! (Be sure to leave an email address where we can contact you if you’re selected. Drawing will take place on September 16th, so don’t delay!)

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We took a moment to speak with Maria about the book release, and here is what she had to say:


What was your inspiration for writing a children’s book?

I’ve always loved children’s books. When General Mills sponsored their Spoonfuls of  Stories contest, I wrote Louie’s BIG day! and sent in my submission. My story wasn’t chosen, so I set it aside. A year later, I shared it with my writer’s critique group: they loved it. So while I was waiting for a different manuscript to be reviewed, I went back and added a few things to Louie’s story and decided to pursue publication. I’m glad the Lord slowed me down so I would pay attention to His leading.

How can you relate to Louie, especially on your very own “BIG DAY” with the book release?

I have to admit I’ve struggled with some apprehension and fears just like Louie! Although I’m not worried about whether I’ll like grass or not, I’ve wondered: if people will read my book, if kids will like it, if I’ve done enough to promote it, and the list goes on… I’m glad God’s Word tells me what to do with my fears:

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Can you give us an overview of Louie’s BIG day!?

Absolutely! Louie is a bright red lawnmower who used to live at the hardware store with his friends: Ruthie Rake, Eddie Edger, Bobbie Blower, Terri Trowel, and Henri Hose. Recently he was purchased by a man and his wife and now he’s on his own. Louie misses his friends, but it’s time to find out if he can do the job he was made to do. Join Louie for his BIG adventure and discover the surprise that awaits him at the end of the day!

God has obviously given you a gift of writing, how would you encourage readers to discover and use their own talents for the Lord?

I love the fact that God created each one of us with different talents. As we listen closely to Him, and act on the truth in His Word – He promises to lead us (Proverbs 16:3). Being obedient to God is the first step to discovering what talents He’s given you. As you obey in the small areas, the Lord will continue to open doors of opportunity for you to discover all the abilities He’s given you. With each new day, pray and ask God for wisdom, and then simply obey!

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; Ecclesiastes 9:10a

What has authoring a book taught you?

Three main things: patience, perseverance, and the importance of God’s presence.

  • Patience: there were many times I got frustrated with the process. The Lord had to remind me repeatedly that His timing was best.
  • Perseverance: when it was difficult to figure out the elements in my graphic design program, I was tempted to give up. Looking back, I can say: stepping outside my comfort zone to finish this project stretched me!
  • God’s Presence: even though I was home by myself working on the book on my computer, the Lord was with me each step of the way. Whatever project He calls you to, He’ll be right by your side.

Can we expect more from Louie and his friends in the future?

Yes, you can! Louie’s adventures are just getting started. He and his pals have a second book, Louie & the Leaf Pile, coming out early next year. It’s SO important to take advantage of every opportunity to teach our children biblical truths. I’ve designed the Louie-the-Lawnmower series to do just that: teach concepts from the Bible in a kid-friendly way, and conclude each book with questions to foster parent/child discussion.

Where can we get a copy of Louie’s BIG day!?

I’m glad you asked! You can order a print version here.

If you’d like a Kindle copy, you can order it here.

*And you can sign up for a FREE audiobook of Louie’s BIG day! here.


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  • 28 thoughts on ““Louie’s Big Day!” GIVEAWAY!

      1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Amanda! We’ve included you in the drawing to win a signed copy of “Louie’s BIG day!” Have a fantastic afternoon and be sure to get your free audiobook at Louie’s website mentioned in the article above! 🙂

    1. I Don’t have kids except the 4 legged kind but one of my favorite books has always been charlottes web..not sure how this came to be being that I don’t like spiders but this is a good one..if there can be a good spider

      1. Awesome, Renae! I agree – Charlotte’s Web is a classic. You’re entered in the contest to win a copy of “Louie’s BIG day!” I hope you enjoy Louie just as much as Charlotte (and he might even mow your lawn for you!) 🙂

      2. Maria, congratulations on your book! I am a Pre-K 3 teacher, and I know my class would love your book! Since I have been teaching little ones, I have grown very familiar with Disney songs, and children books.

        1. Great to see you Melissa! I didn’t know you were a school teacher! You’ve been entered in the drawing for “Louie’s BIG day!”
          *I’d love to come and read the book to your class. 🙂

    2. Just left a review for Maria’s sweet book. It’s so nice to see her featured on your blog. One of my favorite children’s books is “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein – or anything by him. 🙂

      1. Hi Donna! Thanks so much for reviewing my book and leaving a comment here! Shel Silverstein’s books are classics. You’re entered for the drawing for a copy of “Louie’s BIG day!”

    3. What a blessed story! Happy to see the writer’s book and career moving along, thanks for sharing the great things that are happening for the author, wishing her the best!

    4. How exciting! My son would absolutely love this book! You seem to be a very talented lady and would love to get this book for my son. If we don’t win we will definitely be purchasing! <3

    5. My favorite children’s books were anything Winnie the Pooh! I’m sure there are others but you are asking me to think way, way back! 🙂
      Congratulations on the book! We really fell in love with Louie!!

      1. Oh – Winnie the Pooh was one of my favorites too! I’m so glad you enjoyed Louie!! We’ve entered you for the drawing for “Louie’s BIG day!” Thanks for participating ~

    6. I love to read “Harry the Dirty Dog” to my kids, my four year old thinks it’s halarious and I love to hear him laugh.

    7. My favorite children’s series is the Berenstain Bears books.

      I really enjoyed reading this post on Maria and would love to have this book in my little girl’s library.

    8. I am a wife, mom, grandmother, great grandmother. I have a children’s library in our home, ONE of my favorite books is: Kiss the Cow. How can you select just one or one hymn. My gifts to children always includes a gift card to Barnes and Noble. To read is to exercise your mind and travel where ever. Thank you. Look forward to your book.
      Ann Pearson

      1. Thanks so much for sharing, Ann! “Kiss the Cow” is one I’m definitely going to look up. I love the fact that you give the gift of reading to the children in your life! We’ve entered you in the drawing for “Louie’s BIG day!” God bless~

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