Giving up the “American Dream”

The American dream; everyone wants it.  A white house with blue shutters, a white picket fence, two dogs and a cat, and two point five kids. (I never really understood how you have point five kids!)  Some people work their entire lives to reach that goal and yet so many fall short. Their longing for joy, and fulfillment often comes in the form of material possession, and once they have it, “things” just never quite satisfy.

But what does the bible say about it?  Does it say, “seek ye first the American dream?” Does it say, “work hard, save money, live a comfortable life and raise a family?” No. The bible says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.  This does not mean that God will give you everything you want and desire.  It does mean however, that if you are seeking after God’s Kingdom, and God’s will for your life, His desires will naturally become your desires. As we seek after what brings Him honor and glory, our joy and fulfillment will come in those things!

Photo Jun 12, 2 21 19 PMFor the longest time I thought that happiness came from; my husband working a job where I could stay at home with the kids, and where we could give more to missions, the church, and ministry in general. Just a while ago, we had the ability to give more than we have ever given, save more, and do more; but something was missing. The truth is that while I lived a comfortable life, I knew that God had so much more in store for me. A couple of years ago, during the annual Our Generation Summit in Gatlinburg, TN, my husband and I surrendered to be missionaries and live out who He created us to be!

We began full time deputation in January of this year and over the last several months, God has increased our faith, challenged our submissiveness to His will, and given me a fulfillment that far exceeded my expectations!

postcard-4inx6in-h-frontAs you are reading this; maybe The Holy Spirit has been tugging at your heart! Maybe the last several nights, you’ve lied in bed, starring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. In all honesty, you are a faithful church member who tithes and gives to missions, but you know within your heart of hearts that God wants more of you. In fact, He wants ALL of you! Can I encourage you to put aside chasing after the “American Dream” and get ahold of the “Heavenly Vision”; the one in which Christ Himself commands us to carry the gospel to a lost and dying world?!

If you are tired of the “keeping up with the Jone’s” mentality, if you are weary of accumulating more things that will certainly pass away, can I tell you that you are the perfect candidate for someone that God wants to use?! That true fulfillment, joy, and happiness that so many spend their entire lives chasing; that all comes when we choose to seek first His kingdom! And honestly, it may not come in the form you expect, but it will certainly be worth it all!

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