God Led Me to Start a School in Chile, South America

I recently chatted with Lori Holt in Chile about the Lord led her and her husband to tackle the issue of schooling their children in South America. I loved hearing the details of this unique approach and praise God for how well it is working for their family and ministry there. Enjoy!

I homeschooled my kids for 5 years, and really enjoyed it, but as the ministry grew here in Chile, God began to nudge me in a different direction. My husband and I prayed about all the options, and when we were on furlough, God showed me one we had not considered: starting our own little school.

After speaking with a few other missionary wives who have come to work in Chile, we decided to step out on faith and start our project. We posted a blog to announce what we were doing and asked if a a young lady would be interested in coming for a 10-month mission trip to educate missionary children. The Lord provided immediately!


We got to work renting a small house, furnishing it, and adding a small section for a school on the side. The first few months were more work than homeschooling, but I hoped it would be worth it in the end, and it has been! My kids love going to school with their friends!

They use the same video curriculum we have always used, but they just have a different teacher. We all love that their teacher isn’t Mom anymore, and I especially love all my newly found free time.

We have a max capacity of 12 children. They each have a video teacher who they watch and listen to with headphones. Their on-site teacher prepares their papers for the day, checks to make sure they are getting their work done, and answers any questions they have. She gives them extra work when needed to understand a new concept, prays with them every morning, records all their grades, and completes many more tasks. She is a great blessing.


We have been doing this project for 4 years now. The current teacher has stayed for three of those years and has now committed to a fourth year. Since starting the school, I have had more time to pursue further study of the Scripture. God has allowed us to develop a curriculum for the ladies in our Bible college. It’s also so easy to schedule a lunch with someone who needs to talk.

God has shown Himself faithful in the details of this project and His care for our children. We move forward, trusting Him to guide us each step of the way in our ministry and in our home here in Chile, South America.


What steps is God nudging you to make in your family or ministry?
Is He calling you to submit to His leadership and trust His providence?

Share with us about your projects and God-given peace for the 2016 school year in the comment section.




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