gods that cannot save

My husband recently took a survey trip to Japan, and returned with many pictures and videos. As I did not go with him on this trip, I was anxious to see all of these pictures and videos to experience (as best as I could) what he did while he was there.


My heart broke as I saw men and women, mothers and fathers, teens and young children walk through a temple. They rang bells and clapped their hands to wake up their god and get his attention. They gave money and they bowed, and hoped that their god would answer their prayer.

Who will tell them that these gods don’t even hear them? Who is going to tell them that these gods will never “wake up” and will never pay attention to their needs?

Who is going to share with them that there IS a GOD who already loves them, and knows their needs before they could tell Him? Will someone go?

I thank God for the opportunity my husband had to go on this trip and that I could grasp a small part of it. We are so anxious to get to Japan and begin to share the wonderful news of our Savior with these precious souls!

For HIM,



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