This past year, I have often referred to as my year of goodbyes.  It all started last July when we said goodbye  to my sweet Grandmama, who died  surrounded by all that loved her, oh it hurt.


I have also said goodbye to friend after friend who have moved overseas to serve with their families on the foreign mission field, many tears as I knew the next time they come “home”  I won’t be here.


Then in December I watched as my two boys said goodbye to their mom, as she tragically died, talk about the hurt of not knowing how to comfort your own kids.

And then in 28 very short days I will say the big finale goodbye of my goodbye year, as a board a plane with my family and move away from my family and friends and head to South Africa.

The honest truth, this is the first time I have let what we call “morbid thoughts”  enter into my thinking.  I kept thinking as I watched my Granddad say “goodbye”  to his wife of 70 years, I won’t be with Mark FOREVER!   I kept thinking as I watched my boys say “goodbye”  to their mom, I won’t have my mom FOREVER!    I got to a very anxious point and then during my bible reading was reminded of a few things:


1.   Heaven is a place of no “GOODBYES”!

Heaven has always been a place of endearment to me, simply because that is where Jesus is, and don’t get me wrong that is the best part about it!   But I was reminded that in heaven, we will be there for eternity and so will all that are there with us… NO MORE GOODBYES!

2.  Everyone needs to know about Heaven!

I have this awesome hope of heaven.   I know I am going to a place where not only will Jesus be there but there will be no death, no sickness, no goodbyes!   As much as this year has been an exceptional year of many goodbyes for me.  ( I mean this is the girl who lived in the same house, attended the same church and never attended a funeral of someone she loved till she was 20!) I know there are good people who live in the townships of South Africa who have attended funeral after funeral after funeral.  They all know someone who has AIDS and will watch them suffer.   Goodbyes are the norm for them, yet the hope of heaven is NOT.   How selfish is it of me to keep this to myself?  This alone brings comfort to the goodbyes that will be said next month.   We are on a mission:  The mission of sharing our hope with those who have none!

3.  JESUS!

As much as I cringe writing it, I am not promised all my days along side my husband, I am not guaranteed to keep all my close friends close to my side, and one day all my children will leave me.  BUT I am guaranteed JESUS!  I don’t have to wait till heaven to have him always with me!

He will never leave – Heb 13:5

Very Present help – Ps 46:1

A friend that sticketh closer then a brother – Prov. 18:24

Strength of my heart – Ps 73:26

My rock – Ps 18:2

My Fortress – Ps 18:2

My deliverer – Ps 18:2

Gracious – Ps 112:4

Full of Compassion – Ps 112:4

He is with Me – Ps 23:4


The next post that I write on this blog will be from the other side of the world, sure many tears will be shed but in all actuality saying goodbye for now is just that… for nowI have so much to be thankful for:  heaven, Jesus and the fact that I have people in my life that saying goodbye to hurts.  So many,all over this world, have no hope in Heaven, do not know of the wonderful relationship of Jesus and  have no one to cry for them at the airport.    Goodbye for now, Lord willing, means many South Africans can say Hello to the life of hope!

Bye for now,


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  • 5 thoughts on “Goodbye

    1. Wow, what a pertinent article for me to read today. Yesterday morning I said good-bye to my grandfather (on the telephone) and he passed away just a few hours later. In our eight years on the mission field my husband and I have said good-bye to five grandparents. Yesterday was the last one… What a great post. Thank you for sharing! I love the last line… “Say Hello to the life of Hope!”

    2. Love this, Amy. Thanks for sharing. Was just thinking about this this morning. Ezra has been my first thought every morning, and how saying goodbye to him hurt so badly. But it’s just for now, and I have Jesus. So happy, and so hopeful. Love you, friend. (PS this doesn’t mean I won’t cry when we have our goodbye!).

    3. Oh, Amy, what a reminder of our eternal home and the true purpose of our earthly “good-byes”. I’m glad you’re traveling this path a couple of years before me, so I can glean from your wisdom and experience. 🙂 I’m so excited for you and Mark.

    4. That was beautiful Amy…isn’t God SO good? He knows it’s a very hard sacrifice you are making, and he gives you a jewel to hang on to and refer to any time it may seem TOO hard. It also renewed my commitment to share Jesus right here on my own mission field in Dalton.

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