Grab your pom poms!

Gimme a B!!

Gimme an E!!

Gimme an S!!

Gimme a T!!

What’s that spell?!


Now that we’re all warmed up and ready to cheer, let’s talk about marriage. 🙂  I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of strange introduction I was going for there, but stick with me!  It will make more sense as you read on.

Allow me to begin with a disclaimer: I have by  no means mastered this topic I’m about to write on.  Daily, I fail.  But daily, I’m reminded how important this aspect of my life really is.

Lessons from a cheerleader

As much as it may pain me to admit it, I was a cheerleader in junior high.  (Stop laughing/judging and keep reading, please.)  Our squad practiced routines on a weekly basis for hours at a time.  We were drilled on precision in our words and our movements.  We had those matching uniforms with coordinating pompoms in school colors.  We knew what to do when it was game time!  We were the cheerleaders…we were there to CHEER!  We had our spot on the sidelines to chant in unison and cheer our team to victory.  We took our job seriously and really felt like an important part of the game.  I remember that we always had to pay attention to what was going on in the game or we might get pummeled by a stray ball or falling player!  We cheered with enthusiasm no matter how badly our team was losing.  We stayed on the sidelines until the very end, waving school spirit and loyalty to our team even in defeat.

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Be your husband’s biggest cheerleader!

Wives, be the one on the sidelines, with the bright encouraging smile, cheering him on and believing in him no matter what.  Let him know that you are on his team, watching as he leads your family.  Let’s look at some areas we can become excellent cheerleaders.

1. Practice.

Prepare your heart and mind to be a blessing and ministry to your husband.  Ask God to guard your words and actions from betraying your “team loyalty.”  Spend time with Him in His word, allowing it to fill your heart.  Use God’s word to cheer your husband on.

2. Don’t be a ball hog.

Cheerleaders never joined on the basketball court to shoot the winning free throw.  Let your husband be the leader in your home.  Allow him to make decisions. Defer to him when making plans.  Trust his leadership because it is divinely ordained. Ask God to use you to help and cheer him on.  Allow Him to use you in ways you’ve never thought about before.

3. Be alert.

Be mindful of what your husband is going through with his job, his ministry, his health, whatever it may be.  Think of him and put his needs before your own.  Be on guard for Satan’s attacks and the world’s temptations in your husband’s life.  Ask the Lord to use you as a hedge of protection.

4. Keep cheering til the end.

Don’t give up and take a seat on the bench.  Even if things aren’t going like you or even God would like them to be going.  Stay loyal to your team…your husband’s team!  Truly believe that your husband is one of God’s most precious gifts to you and cherish him for better or worse.

My mom is one of my heroes.  She stayed in uniform, pom poms in hand, for many years as she waited for God to do a work in my dad’s life.  She prayed, encouraged, wept and waited.  She had the faith to believe that the Lord would do a miracle only He could do.  Some counseled her to leave him, to move on with her life.  They said she had taken enough.  But she stayed loyal to her “team,” and today she enjoys the fruit from her labor.  God has transformed my parents’ lives and their marriage.  I am so glad she kept cheering even when it was unbearable.  Blessings lie ahead if we will trust and obey!

My prayer is to be the best wife God wants me to be for my husband.  I know God can use me to bless and minister to my husband so that he can be his best for God.  Let’s renew our commitment to being cheerleaders.

With love,


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    1. Great post, something I always needed reminded of. I was hoping for an old picture of you in your cheerleader outfit 🙂

    2. Thanks for sharing as I need to be reminded of this DAILY and need to work harder at it

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