Home is Where …..?

Over a 11 years ago my family and I packed up all of our belongings and began our journey to the beautiful country of Bolivia. Fast forward 4 years, and we were back on the same plane going home. I was thinking, “Is it still home, the USA, or…what do I call it?”

The Conflict
Now things were different: I spoke another language, had new friends who had become like family, and all of our belongings were in Bolivia (except for the clothes in our suitcases). I did all my shopping in an outdoor market, and Walmart and Target seemed so daunting. We did other strange things like throwing our toilet paper in the trashcan. I wondered, “Will my children ever remember to not do that in the USA?” You can imagine the look of surprise on the server’s face as we sat in a Japanese restaurant and this blond haired, blue eyed gal accidentally ordered in Spanish!

Honestly, on this first furlough back to the USA I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect. Would my children fit in? When it was time, would I want to return back to Bolivia?

Everything and everyone had changed. It was a shocking to realize that life had not stopped while we had been gone. There were people at our home church that we had never met. I was ever so thankful for the familiar faces!
The grocery store had changed the aisles around, and there were new products I had no idea existed. I avoided the cereal and bread aisles for a whole month!

Finding Familiarity
I was thankful for my mother-in-law, my parents, and other family members who had prepared for our arrival and had provided familiar things for us. They had purchased our favorite foods, placed toys that my children loved in their rooms, and politely over-looked our struggles with the language and culture.

Now, our home church has yoke-fellows for their missionaries. They keep us informed of new things going on at church, send us pictures, and talk with us on a regular basis. This makes us not feel so far away.

Home is….
Some people say, “Home is where the heart is.” Others say, “Home is where you are (my spouse).” Some refer to home as the place where their parents live or the house in which they grew up. As children of God, our earthly home is where ever He has asked us to be and serve. We can take great comfort in that!

I encourage you to make home where the Lord has called you to serve, and realize that as missionary wives we really have the best of both worlds. We have people who love us in our country of origin and people who love and serve along side us in our host country!

From My Home To Yours, 
Beth White

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