How to Be a Blessing to Churches, and pastors wives, while on deputation.
As a missionary on deputation, we are constantly in different churches every week. Every church we have been to, has been such a blessing and encouragement to us! If we are not careful, we can go in with the attitude of, “What do I get or what I deserve is…” Just as much as these churches are a blessing to us, we should strive to be a blessing to them as well. Last week, I had asked some Pastor’s wives and a missionary friend of mine for some ways that missionaries can be a blessing to them and their church; here are some of the answers:
“I always look forward to meeting and talking with missionary wives! It’s just always a blessing to me getting to talk and learning a little about their country, families and deputation. I had a missionary wife give me a necklace she got on a survey trip which I thought was very sweet and it also gave me something to remember her by and to pray for her. (Not that being a blessing comes in the form of a gift), I just thought it was very sweet! Talking to everyone is just a big blessing to the church people and a great way to make lasting friendships.”
Mrs. Grace Gazaway, Cloverleaf Missionary Baptist Church
“Make yourself available to assist in ways that most people would ignore. Inquire of the pastor’s wife. She has ministry experience that would be a great benefit to you.”
Mrs. Stacey Howeth, Newton Baptist Church
“I make sure to talk to everyone (time and children permitting 😜) and try to just include everyone. I like to find out how a person came to be at the church, that usually allows me to hear their testimony, which is always a blessing to me! Sometime we end up with some free time, after the table is set up, and I’ll see what the pastor or his wife are working on- I’ve seen them doing little tasks like folding bulletins and such and I’ll jump in and help.”
Rebel Hill, Missionary to Japan
“We are a church that likes to stay around and fellowship long after the services are over. It’s always a blessing to our church when the missionaries stay around after church and spend time with us and our church people. I know that sometimes missionary families, especially those with children, are tired and just want to go. I have four children, so I know that feeling. However, when all of the presentations and formalities are over and we are just hanging out in the church pews, cranky kids and all, that’s when we really get to know YOU- the real you who swaps funny and sad life stories with us. The missionaries who aren’t quick to run out the door are the ones who continue to be a blessing to us long after they’ve left our church property. Those are the ones we’ve truly developed a personal relationship with. Those are the ones we remember and pray for regularly. Those are the ones who become a part of us-a true missions extension of our church and so much more than just a prayer letter hanging on the wall.”
Mrs. Rachel Smith, Crossroads Baptist Church 
“I would say just being comfortable to be themselves around me and just being a friend in general. So many pastors wives are lonely and really have no outlet, so just being there is a huge encouragement!”
Mrs. Bethany Gregory, Bath Baptist Church
You have heard some great testimonies with both perspectives, from pastors wives and a missionary wife. While this may sound like it only applies to missionaries on deputation, we should apply these principles every time we step foot in our local church. People are people, we all want to be loved and accepted. So, let’s break down some barriers and become servants!
Ashlee Underwood
Missionary to South Africa
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