How to encourage the missionary ladies at Christmas:


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I am so thankful for my missionary friends all over the world. As a sender I am often at a loss of how to be a blessing to them and encourage them. I often have wondered what would be the best thing I could do and how to go about it.  We asked our missionary friends for some examples of things that has encouraged them through the holiday seasons. I wanted to pass it along to my fellow senders so we can partner together to be a blessing to so many of our heroes around the world!

Something people could do for missionaries overseas would be to call them on Christmas!!

  • skype
  • facetime

Many missionaries have told stories of how their families have skyped them in for Christmas games, read Christmas stories to their kids over skype, and shared pictures of their elf on the shelf.

Send Christmas themed packages in November! (Must give ALOT of time for them to receive it before Christmas)

  • Little cheap stocking stuffers are great for the kids
  • Christmas/Thanksgiving (seasonal) decor seems to be a universal want
  • Send Cards…especially for the kids!


care package


Some helpful tips when it comes to sending missionaries packages.

  • Try to always ask the missionary the best way to send them things.
  • Mark box or envelope as “no commercial value” to help prevent custom charges.
  • keep packages simple and small, which would help cut down cost.
  • A lot of our missionary friends like to use

Since it  can be fairly expensive to ship packages, I thought you might find it helpful to know what some of our friends around the world would include in their wish list of things they miss/need from America:

Corli- South Africa

1. Dryer Sheets 2. Fajita, taco and enchilada seasoning 3. chocolate chips 4. Sugar Free jello and pudding 4. Cake mixes and candy 5. Candles 6. Bath and Body 7. School helps and toys- like Fisher Price work books for a $1 @ Dollar general etc. 8. Spices – Lawry’s, pumpkin pie spice, poultry seasoning, lemon pepper and chilli powder. 9. Boxes of Macaroni and cheese 10. Kool Aid.

Rebecca-Burkina Faso

1. Pepperoni. We do our own pizza and nothing we find here compares to Hormel! 2. Salad dressing mixes 3. Seasonal related stuff depending on the time of year, like she mentioned candles, but the pumpkin pie spice candle makes it feel more like Thanksgiving when I’m sweating or a Christmas scented candle for Christmas. Other holiday related items are fun: Spring cake/cookie sprinkles for Easter, special valentine’s Day treats, etc. Seasonal craft activities for the children or simple decorative items for a certain holiday. Holiday candy is fun too! Maybe these things wouldn’t apply in all countries, but you wouldn’t believe our excitement over red and green m&m’s and stuff like that. 4. PEANUT BUTTER!!. 5. For the kids…any kind of books/activity books/puzzles/games, etc. small cheap stuff from dollar general is still a big deal to us and won’t be cheap here…Remember many of us won’t find anything in English in the country we are in. 6. Some churches/friends have sent CD’s of their choir or other singing groups or good preaching.


1. Chocolate Chips 2. Peanut Butter 3. Marshmallows 4.Crisco (shortening) 5. Vanilla and chocolate pudding. 6. Fleischmann’s active dry yeast, 7. Bath and Body, 8. Candles 9. Macaroni and cheese. 10. Tylenol, Advil (kids and adults), NyQuil.


1.Chocolate chips, 2. Candles, 3. yes children’s meds, 4. Oatmeal pies, 5. granola bars, 6. peach snapple packets (that you put in water and it makes the drink), 7. hair things for girls, 8. hot wheels 9. itunes cards to download books and music, 10-. kids socks


1. Pepperoncinni peppers 2. Chocolate chips 3. Harispray  4. Razors and blades 5. Scented candles 6. Art supplies for kids 7. Wii games  8. Koolaid  9. candy 10. pepperoni


1. Goldfish and other healthy snacks 2. Reese’s 3. Gospel music CDs 4. Children and adult medicines for fever and colds/flu  5. taco and chili seasonings 6. Toys               7. Seasonal decorations  8. Macaroni and cheese  9. Lite pancake syrup  10. Cake, cookie, and muffin mixes

Steph- China

1. mascara and bare minerals foundation 2. candles 3. febreeze fabric spray and room spray 4. spices like rosemary and oregano and ranch and taco seasoning packets 5. baking pans and other baking items like cupcake liners  6.cold medicine  7. measuring cups and spoons-since my dog chews them up all the time or someone borrows them and they never come back  8. baking mixes  9. chocolate chips  10. deodorant


1.deodorant 2. hairspray 3.  Clorox wipes  4. candles  5. dark chocolate chips  6.  natural peanut butter  7. 100% maple syrup  8. mascara  9. kids art and craft supplies 10. Tylenol/ kids Tylenol, Motrin

Autumn- India

1. Freezer Bags 2. Sage 3. Mac N Cheese 4. Goldfish 5. Ranch Dressing Mix 6. Pecans 7. Gummy Snacks 8. Onion Powder 9. Garlic Salt  10. Grits  11. Cornmeal 12.DEODORANT 13. Kids Arts and Craft supplies 14. Kids Tylenol/Motrin


1. Coloring books  2. cheez it’s  3. dryer sheets  4. peanut butter  5. corn tortillas  6. Taco Bell sauce  7. Tabasco sauce  8. vanilla  9.koolaid  10. stick deodorant  11.Hand cream.

Lori- Thailand

1.  Men’s and women’s deodorant  2. aveeno baby lotion  3. kids medicines  4. baby butt paste  5. clorox wipes  6. Bisquick   7. cold/flu medicines

Merry Christmas season to all my beautiful missionary friends around the world!  I love you all, and I’m so very proud of you! Your willingness to follow your husband, and love your country and the people you are serving is such an inspiration to me and ladies everywhere! I pray God will keep your hearts encouraged this Christmas season. I hope that we as senders will be part of encouraging you more in the year to come!

Blessed beyond measure,

Steph Cornwell



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