How to Pray for a MK (30 Day Prayer Challenge)

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Women Behind the Scenes asked several MK’s if they had any prayer request and this is what some of our mk’s asked prayer for….

“For us to make new friends so we can give them the gospel”… Isaac 10 Burkina Faso

“That I would know the right words to say to my friends and the right time to tell them the gospel. And for me to not be scared of my friend’s response to the gospel. And when I move schools, for me to teach them the gospel as well, even if I don’t know them”… Darci 8 England

Every month perhaps you read the missionary’s prayer letter and pray for their ministry, the churches they are starting, a building project, for the missionary himself, etc…. But we would like to ask you to pray not only for the ministry and a certain country, but also for the missionary’s children. Those children who travel all over the US, go into different churches every Sunday and Wednesday, and then eventually say goodbye to everything and everyone they have known in their short life and say hello to new people, a new country, and all that goes along with that. Please don’t feel sorry for them because they have a wonderful, exciting life, but there are struggles that come along with being an Mk!

“That I can at least pass Afrikaans at school”… Luke age 11 South Africa

“That our ministry in Argentina would be blessed, and that I will read my Bible and pray more”… Ian, age 9 Argentina

Jolynn age 4 Nepal… “Pray for my friend Swasthika because I love her.”

We would like to challenge you to take the next 30 days and pray for certain Mk’s. How can you pray for them?

1.For traveling mercies or just that the car seat doesn’t get the better of them before they get to the next meeting.

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Marley age 7 South Africa…“Keep us safe on the roads”

“That we will have a safe trip on the airplane (we are leaving in 5 weeks)”…Bethany, age 7 Argentina

“That we have a safe trip going back to Bolivia and that the Lord protects us”…Grace, age 12 Bolivia

2. That they will be Saved- we as missionaries are sharing the gospel with many people every day, but our prayer is that our children will come to know the Lord as their Savior.

“Pray that I will get saved”…Caroline, age 5 Argentina

Addison, Age 5 South Africa… “That I will be saved soon”

3.Spiritual Growth- Our children live and breath ministry and discipleship every day of their lives, but they also need to be discipled and have a personal relationship with the Lord.

Elijah, age 10 India- “To be a good example of Christ because that is all my friends know about Him…what I show

“That I would be nice to my brother and sister, and that I would obey my parents”… Cali, age 6 England

Norah, age 4 South Africa… “For me to be good at church”

“That we would have good attitudes in front of the people that we are supposed to be examples to”… Emily 13 Burkina Faso

Grant, age 11 England… “Help me to control my temper and to not boss people around.”

4. For their education and language learning- learning a language can be hard on anyone, but when you have to go to school, play on the play ground, go to birthday parties, or even just a short stay with a caregiver can be scary when you can’t understand anyone around you.


Lily, 10 Argentina-“Pray that I would do really well with school.”

“That God would help me manage my time better and do 8th grade to the best of my ability”… Katie, age 13 Chile

Piper, age 7 Argentina “Pray that I can learn Spanish fast.”

“That I would do 6th grade better”…Josh, age 10 Chile

“That I can remember my Spanish when we go back”… Titus, age 7

 5. To find and make friends- it can be difficult to make friends when you don’t know many people or speak their language, but it’s important for a child to find that 1 special best friend.

“That I can make new friends when we go back”… Taylor, age 11 Bolivia

Ivy, age 4 Argentina-“That I would make new friends”

Ian,   age 1 and half Taiwan “That there would be more children his age at church.”


I encourage you to take this 30 day challenge to pray specifically for the Mk’s around the world who live and serve alongside their parents; for they carry a burden that not many people know and understand, but they are one of the most vital tools that God uses in the ministry.


In Christ,

Beth White




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    1. Thanks for sharing this special post, Beth! It’s eye-opening (and heart-warming!) to read the requests of these precious kids. Praying for them today 🙂

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