I Really Wish They Understood…

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At least once a month my friends and I enjoy a fun time on google chat, silly masks and all, to catch up on each of our lives.  One specific time in general, I remember distinctly sitting on google chat and thinking in my head, “I REALLY wish they understood what it is like for me here in India.”  You see, I had a very hard week and needed someone to vent to, but I couldn’t because I knew they would not understand my frustrations.  If I had told them I cried over something as simple as getting the store keeper to understand I needed a loaf of bread or that I had a total meltdown after walking thru the market listening everyone screaming “Come, I have BIG sizes just for you”…they simply wouldn’t understand!  They had never even been out of the USA, much less in a third world country surrounded by a foreign language…so I felt alone with so much to say.

But now…all that has changed!!  This past month both my friends, Cheryl and Erica came to India to visit me and to get a better taste of what my life is all about.  I asked Erica to write a bit about how this trip has given her a better insight into my world.  I hope you enjoy what she had to say.  Please allow it to open your heart to the idea of visiting your friend on the field, so that you can better relate and have a sense of how to pray for her daily.


“The long and expensive travel to get to India is not my friend, but the sweet, blonde, curly-headed woman in Delhi that used to teach with me in a little private school is.  In fact, she is one of the dearest and closest friends that I have, although we are located on opposite sides of the globe.  No distance or dollar sign could ever get in the way of me going to visit her.  Going to see her is not something that I can do frequently or even every year, but it is something that I will continue to budget for and will try to do every 3-5 years.  I think that no matter where your missionary friend is in the world, you owe it to them and to yourself to go and pay them a visit.  Experiencing their world first hand is the best way to know how to better pray for them and help them as they work on influencing the culture and people around them in order to expand God’s kingdom.

By going and experiencing India first hand I am now able to better relate to my friend as she is on the field.  The fact that I can clearly visualize what she is talking about while we are having normal day-to-day conversations is invaluable. Additionally, I believe that her knowing that people from home are willing to visit and walk a few steps down the path God has set before her family in New Delhi is encouraging and uplifting.  As her friend I will do whatever she needs in order for her to know that I support her in all that she does and to let her know that I am always there for her.

To my sweet friend in New Delhi, India— thank you for opening up your home to me last week and for in the future.  Thank you for always embracing me for who I am.  You and your friendship are priceless treasures to my life.  May God continue to bless you and your family as you follow His calling.”

-Erica W.  Liberty, SC


I posted this NOT to bring attention to myself or my friends, but for you to hopefully see just how much a visit would mean to you and your missionary friend.  Now when we Skype they can put faces to names, rejoice in the salvation of those they met, sympathize with me when I have a bad day, laugh over silly market trips because they have been there/done that and most importantly…pray for me, our church, our friends and India with visual pictures in mind.

On my next post I will share with you a little from my other friend, Cheryl, who brought her teenage daughter along with her.  I have asked her to share with you a little insight “thru the eyes of a Mom.”  Stay tuned!!  🙂





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  • 6 thoughts on “I Really Wish They Understood…

    1. Great post Autumn! I am always so comforted when friends visit. Then I know from then on our relationship is different because they have had that window into my everyday life. That is also why it is important to me to visit other mission fields!! Great testimony by your sweet friend as well!!

    2. God bless you. I understand how you feel and i am so glad your friend got to visit and seems as committed to you as she does

    3. That’s awesome! I don’t think people will fully understand and be more quick to pray for missionaries till they visit the mission field! Awesome post, Autumn! (And I can’t wait to visit someday too!!!)

    4. Hi Autumn! How interesting that my other missionary friend in India wrote on the very same subject today! Guess India will have to be on my radar! Just visited our missionaries in Honduras. Greenland is next. God bless you and your family and thanks for sharing your heart.

      1. Is your other friend Angela? Yes, she emailed me today and said the same thing had been on her mind and asked if she could link my post to hers. Don’t know her very well, but we hope to meet up one day.

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