I Surrender Some


I surrender some!
I surrender some!
Some to thee my blessed Savior!
I surrender some!

That’s how it goes, right? Well, I think we all know that’s not how it was written, but I think if we all sang it truthfully, it might sound a little more like that, would it not?

Maybe I’m the only one, but there are just certain areas of my life I have a harder time giving to the Lord than others. Sure, He can have my Sunday mornings, my tithes, and my free time, but can He have my children, my husband, and my home? Can I surrender all my plans, hopes, and desires to Him, or are all these songs, and sadly, all these prayers nothing more than fluff?

When we were still undecided on our mission field, I would say, “There are a few places I just don’t want to go!” Morocco, Egypt, China, and yes, India were just a few of these “closed places” I was also closed to in my heart. I didn’t want to raise my children in these locations, I didn’t want my husband to work for slow results or no results at all, and I didn’t want to live the day to day in these cultures.

It was a long time coming, a process hindered by my pride, but the Lord was faithful to convict me of my sin of not letting Him have my life. I had made a decision to “surrender my life” to Him as a teenager, but my daily decisions were not reflecting a true heart of surrender. I was not allowing Him to take the reigns in every area of my life. In fact, I was, really, wanting Him to ask my permission before allowing any circumstance to touch my life. Pretty bold, right, to think I know better than the Creator of the universe?

Do you think Abraham thought it was a good idea to sacrifice His son’s life on an altar to the Lord? Do you think maybe He thought there was a better way? There is no record in the Bible of Abraham questioning God. Rather, he gathered his supplies and left first thing in the morning to do what the Lord had asked him to do (Genesis 22:3)

Though he did not understand why this was asked of him, he saw his response as an act of obedience, and therefore, as an act of worship. For him, that was enough (22:5). He trusted that the Lord would provide another way, but if He did not, he would be faithful to obey the Lord’s command (8). Though it hurt him, he followed through until the Lord intervened (11). God found Abraham to be faithful, to fear Him, and to not withhold anything, even that which was most precious to him, from the Lord (12-16). As a result, God promised Abraham great blessings beyond anything he could have dreamed! (17)

Isn’t our God good? Though what He asks of me may seem, at times, like “too much,” all He wants is a heart of surrender. I think I will see that there are great rewards when I yield every bit of my life to Him, and I am so thrilled to see what He will do with every last part of it!

I want to be able to truthfully sing to Jesus, I surrender all! Will you join me in this sweet song of worship to the Lord?

For Him,

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  • 7 thoughts on “I Surrender Some

    1. Great post, amber! I think many of us feel this way in some aspects of life. It’s a constant surrendering our will to His! Thank you for your testimony!

      1. Bro. Austin and Mindy, I know what you mean. I wish I would have emphasized how this is a daily thing we need to do!

    2. Thanks for your honesty in sharing these things we all struggle with! Surrendering EVERY part of our lives is a challenge on a daily basis. God bless you, Paul, Jolynn, and baby Taube!

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