I Wanted to be an Accountant


Math was always my favorite subject in school. I know, I was one of those weird kids who got on everyone else’s nerves. I whizzed through math classes with perfect grades. Math problems were my friends. My mind was programmed for them.

One of my high school teachers told me that accountants made a lot of money. She also told me that I would make a great accountant. I told her to sign me up! Making lots of money sounded good to me, since I had been “poor” (or so I thought) my whole life. And the thought of doing math all day was pretty exciting. Can we say OCD?

Well, God had different plans (maybe). When I was 16, I heard a sermon that God used to change the way I was making decisions. I don’t remember the preacher or the passage, but I remember the phrase “Don’t waste your life.” So I started letting God make my decisions for me. And He gave me a husband who is a missionary to Northern Ireland. So now I’m a missionary wife.

So I’m not an accountant, right? Wrong! Guess what, there is a LOT of accounting involved in being a missionary. Missionaries have to claim all work related receipts for tax purposes. Missionaries have to budget and manage money for mission groups. Missionaries have to lay the foundation for the financial system that their church plant will use for the future. Missionaries have to figure out their own retirement plan. Missionaries have to deal with exchange rates on a daily basis. It’s an accountant’s dream come true! Haha

God is so awesome because He gives us abilities that we can use for Him. When I was younger, I wanted to use this ability for myself. As a matter of fact, I took the credit for my math skills. It wasn’t until I acknowledged that everything I was belonged to God, that He was able to use my not-so-spiritual gift, as something I could do for His Kingdom!!!

Disclaimer: It is not a requirement for a missionary wife to have accounting skills. Didn’t want to scare any of you!! I only do it because I love doing it and my husband doesn’t mind. I know plenty of missionary families where the husband does all the finances. I learned early in our marriage that I can crunch numbers, but I’m terrible at making financial decisions. In our home, my husband makes ALL financial decisions. All I do is the math:)

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  • 5 thoughts on “I Wanted to be an Accountant

    1. I think it’s awesome how God can use our abilities for His work! I also take care of our finances like you, Teri and it saves so much time for my husband to work on other things. (It’s not my favorite thing in the world though!)

    2. I had no idea that you wanted to be an accountant Teri! So true about how God gives us the desires of heart when we follow in His steps!

    3. I just loved your post, Teri 🙂 (And yes, I was that kid who despised you and your crazy math skills……..)

    4. hey teri its brittany hamilton, love hearing you testimony about ‘i wanted to be an accountant’ it was amzing xxxx

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