I would love to live in San Diego…Or would I?

I recently had a discussion with a lady at one of the churches we were visiting about our favorite cities in America. One of the cities on both of our lists was San Diego, California. We talked about how nice it would be to live in a place with perfect spring weather almost all the time. But something she said said stuck out to me. She said “but I think I would miss experiencing the seasons if I lived there.”

I have to agree with her when I consider how wonderful the first few cool, crisp days of fall are, or how nice a cup of hot chocolate is on a cold snowy day, or the excitement of going to the park of the first warm day after a long winter.   I remember talking with a taxi driver in the southern desert of Peru who had never seen rain before in his life, and how excited I was to sit and watch a thunderstorm the week we got back to the States.

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I couldn’t help but to think of how this thought applies to our lives. It seems like it would be nice sometimes to go through life without a worry or care. We all go through hard times. These can be struggles with our health, spiritual battles, depression, difficulties in ministry, marriage, finances and the list goes on and on. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have so much to deal with?

But then consider God’s blessings to us during difficult times. It has been in my darkest times that I have seen God most real in my life. It is when I cannot do another thing on my own that I watch God take over. If every day were easy and I could handle everything on my plate, then I suppose I would never really know how great my God is.

I think of Job, a man who seemingly had all that he could ask for.  He certainly had his share of sunny days.  All of this suddenly comes to a screeching halt one day when God allows Satan to tempt him.  Consider Job’s response to his wife when told he should just “curse God and die”.  “What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?”  Job had an understanding that all the good and all the bad came through the same filter of God’s unchanging grace.  At the end of the story, Job receives twice as much as he had before and God is glorified through it all.

So while I greatly enjoy the “sunny spring” days of my life, I am also so thankful for the “cold winter” days because it is those days that God’s blessings seem so sweet (like hot chocolate). And just as every season showcases His creative majesty, so every season of our life can glorify God in His grace and care of us.


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