In the meantime, while we were arguing over cups…


As we enter the Christmas season, the American Christian’s focus becomes the war on Christmas.  Inevitably, the list of companies who only use “Happy Holidays” becomes the enemy. It seems that many have now declared war on a certain coffee shop. This side is the side that believes that Christ is under attack because their cups don’t say “Christmas”. 

But with this incident, we have Christians on the other side, too. They are saying that what the cups say or don’t say is not a big deal. That our focus should not be on what is written on cups, but that we should live out Christ. They are trying to convey that our anger only pushes people further away from Jesus. This is the side that says it is more important how Christians act than how non-Christians act.

And, meanwhile, during the time these two sides were caught up in arguing about coffee shops and the cups they chose to use this year…

  • Over 900,000 people have died around the world. That’s twice the amount of people who live within the city limits of Atlanta.
  • A liberal estimate would mean that over 800,000 died and went to hell. The vast majority of those who died and went to hell had never heard the Gospel…not even one, single time.

I really believe that American Christians should live overseas for at least a few months to help them gain a wider perspective on the world…to step outside of the American Christianity we’ve all become comfortable with. In China, they are not arguing over red coffee cups – their one focus is on becoming wealthy and the sight of a Starbucks shop reveals how their country is more prosperous now than ever before. Their concern is on their physical condition, because very few of us are concerned with their spiritual condition.   In North Africa, “Merry Christmas” will never be on a cup because 99% of their population is Muslim and have little Gospel witness…very few people even considering taking the Gospel to these people.  In South America, they know who Jesus is and Christmas is a big deal, yet they are working hard to earn their salvation because they are enslaved to Catholicism with no one to tell them the truth of the Gospel.

And in America, we argue about what’s on a cup…a cup

Christ has saved us, not to make sure everyone says “Merry Christmas”, but to take the message of His coming, death, burial and resurrection to the world. The fact is, we should not be getting caught up in this issue at all…in either side of the issue. Our concern should be the same as Christ’s: make sure the world knows who He is and how He died for them.

What if, instead of making a big fuss over these cups, we made a big fuss about getting the Gospel to the unheards? What if, instead of writing articles about how we should or should not be in the war for Christmas, we wrote articles helping, promoting and encouraging missions? Perhaps, if we become all consumed in that which God is consumed about – spreading His name throughout the world – then these matters would become a non-issue to us. And once we reach this world with the Gospel, maybe then, we can argue about cups. 


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