I once read a story about two men in the same hospital room – both terminally ill. The curtain
between their beds remained closed at the request of the man in the first bed. The two men
conversed even though they couldn’t see each other. The man near the window would tell the
other guy what he saw everyday. He would tell him about the beautiful snow falling and how
each snow flake is different. He would tell him about the children sledding and ice skating. He
would tell him about the red birds that decorated the tree outside his window. Day after day, he
painted a beautiful seen for the dying man in the bed behind the curtain. The first man listened
to the second man’s details of what he saw outside his window, and became extremely jealous
and bitter that he didn’t have a window. Day after day, he would seethe with anger and jealousy
because he couldn’t see what his friend could see. He began to wish his friend would hurry up
and die so that he could take his place next to the window. One morning nurses began to rush
in to care for the man in the second bed. Soon he had passed and was removed from the
room. The nurses moved the jealous man over to the other side of the room near the window.
He could hardly wait to see all the glorious sights everyday that his friend had told him about.
He asked the nurse to please open the blind and he soon realized that there was nothing there
but a brick wall.

Life is in all how you see it. This story means different things to each of us. May God help us to
see beyond our brick walls.



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