Interview with Sonya, short-term missionary to North Africa

Sonya is a young lady out of Vision Baptist Church, in Alpharetta, GA going as a short-term missionary with Vision Baptist Missions to North Africa.  She has spent time in the Our Generation Training Center and has proved herself in the ministry as a faithful servant, winning souls, bringing people to church, discipling, teaching children’s classes and running a van route.   Her heart is for the world and she has a genuine burden for lost souls everywhere.  We at “Women Behind the Scenes” count her as a close friend and co-laborer in the Lord.  We want you to get to know her through this interview and ask for your prayers for her.  And if the Lord leads, you can find out here how to support her monthly for the next six months. 

How did you receive Christ as Saviour?

Growing up in church I had heard the Gospel on several occasions, and after one service I went forward to pray a prayer because it’s what some of my friends had done. As I grew older, the Lord began to convict me of my trust in self-righteousness instead of His righteousness. At sixteen years old, the Lord showed me His grace and I trusted in Christ alone for my salvation.

How did you get a burden for the mission field?

As a young girl I had the opportunity to hear from missionaries who passed through my church every month, but it wasn’t until I had the chance to go on a short trip outside of the States that the Lord began to work in my heart. For the first time, I saw the need for taking the Gospel to a place where people have never heard, and I knew I wanted to use my life to spread the Gospel around the world.

What are your goals when you get to North Africa?

I’m very excited about what the Lord is going to do in North Africa! My major goal is to seek opportunities to share Christ with those I will meet in my day-to-day routine, and then be able to disciple ladies into a growing relationship with Christ. Since I will be there for six months, I plan to take language classes everyday so I can better relate to the people I will be ministering to in North Africa by sharing Christ in their heart language.

 How can a single missionary lady help in a Muslim country? 

The interesting part about Muslim cultures is that it provides opportunities for a single missionary lady to minister in ways which men or married women may not be able to. Since men cannot directly minister to women in Muslim cultures, the single lady can go and seek out other single ladies and share Christ with them directly. She can also be a great help in the church with different responsibilities and then help other girls become involved at church as well. 

How have you prepared for this short-term mission’s trip? 

Two years ago I moved to Alpharetta, GA, in order to train for missions at Vision Baptist Church, and I have seen God do a tremendous work in and through my life. I knew I needed to be better prepared in order to be a more effective servant of Christ, and the practical experience through hands-on ministry has been priceless. Last September I began raising support by sending out prayer letters to churches, family, and friends, and God has greatly blessed my efforts by bringing in almost all of my support so I can leave by the end of this month! 

How much monthly support do you still need for your trip?

Currently, I am still in need of $1,835 or around $300 in promised monthly support, and that will be enough for me to stay for the entire six months.

If Sonya is lacking only $300, she really only needs 10 people to give  $30 a month and she’s set to go.  Maybe some of our readers would be willing to help with that. You can donate to this mission’s project with a gift of any amount on Vision Baptist Mission’s web page.  I know that investing in what she is doing is going to see much fruit and what an investment in Heaven that we will see because of her willingness to be sent and serve in this Muslim country!  

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