Iron Sharpens Iron

I am currently reading a book on women in the Bible.   I’m thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to scope through,  and be influenced by the examples of many honorable women.  It is encouraging to learn how they dealt with  challenges, difficulties and opportunity,   and to study the records of their worship, service  and sacrifice for their Heavenly King!  Here are some thoughts on being an example:


Looking back:

As we look back in time,  we find in the Bible many a woman that  we can glean from.  Their lives account of godly character and teach us principles on true Biblical womanhood.  Who are they and what can we learn from their examples?

Esther:  The woman who saved her nation through unbound confidence in God’s providence.

Hannah:  The women who personifies motherhood.

Dorcas: The woman who was full of good works and alms deeds.

Mary: Honored and selected by God to carry, give birth to and raise our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ruth: A humble,  faithful daughter-in-law, displaying a rare and loyal friendship toward Naomi.  A women who’s unimportant name went on to be  included in the lineage of Jesus.

Mary of Bethany: The woman who learned silently at her Master’s feet.  Who willingly gave her most prized possession to anoint the feet of her most cherished King, Jesus.

Priscilla:  The woman who diligently served alongside her husband to aid and bless the church and fellow believers,  whom amongst such  was the apostle Paul.

Rahab: A woman whose faith proves that the truth can reach into the most deplorable lives.


Looking Around:

I thank God for the examples He gives us in the lives of these women,   but our source of exemplary Christian womanhood does not end there.  Take a look around ladies and note how many modern-day Hannahs, Marys, Dorcases, Priscillas and Ruths surround us.     I have the privilege to, on a weekly basis, spend time with women who are prime examples of grace, meekness,  submission, determination, strength, perseverance and the list goes on.   I am challenged, and motivated by them to let the Lord continue to make and mold me into a vessel that is more pleasing and more usable to Him.  Make a point of gleaning from the examples around you.


Looking Ahead:

Looking ahead, ask yourself :”What kind of example do I strife to be”?  Years ago, I was of the mindset that my personal example wasn’t really that relevant to others as in my mind,  “the position of being an example”  were reserved for people who are extraordinary,  special, successful, accomplished and esteemed.  People who others like to hear and see.   I was wrong.  We all possess a sphere of influence. All Christians are called to be ambassadors for Christ.   When we look at the women in the Bible, it is striking to note that they are women from various backgrounds.  Some queens, other commoners, some of age, others  young.  some married, some widowed, (to name but a few),  and yet we draw from each of their examples a bountiful supply of wisdom and guidance.  What are other women learning from you?  Pretending to be something we are not, for the mere sake of  “looking the part” cannot produce real godly influence, but being filled with the Holy Spirit and overflowing that into the lives of others, can have everlasting effects.


Are those that come around you “sharpened” by your  presence and friendship?  I encourage you today (myself included),  to be a tool in the Lord’s hands for reaching and teaching others with a good example.  An example that is pleasing and acceptable to the Lord.  Someone said “A good example is the best sermon”.


 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17







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