Just Jump


The walk out was the hardest part. I clung to the metal railing and took each step cautiously, “just in case” my faith was void.

Knowing¬†and not knowing what I was about to do had my body anxious and invigorated all at once. I had read all I could find about jumping and I believed that it was safe…I trusted it was safe. But still, standing there at the edge, I began to question, “Do I know what I am doing?? Am I sure I can trust these ropes, these men, these harnesses??”

I stood there, the techno beat that had before pounded in my ears was only a distant, muted background noise…now, there was quiet and almost peaceful, yet, terrifying silence, because what was just before me was so unknown. It seemed dangerous. It seemed against my will to step off.


As I did, I felt gravity pulling me. It tore at me with a weight I could not pull back suddenly, I went from tying to catch myself and allowed my self to fall. Falling fast, I caught a glimpse of life in a new way, something I had never seen before — something incredible. I felt the adrenaline rush through my body, taking in the sight of this amazing world and I connected with a part of myself that I didn’t know existed until that moment. I took it in. I embraced it. I loved it. It had empowered me, it had revived me. It had awakened something new inside of me.

Then I saw him, the guide who would take me to the next platform and as he approached me, I cried out “don’t drop me” and he smiled, as if to say “I couldn’t even if I wanted to”

They pulled me back to the place where it had all started and set my feet back on the ground.


Of course, I detailed for you the day that I bungee jumped from the world’s highest bungee jump bridge in South Africa, but in a lot of ways (almost all to be exact) I also described my Christian walk…

The journey to that platform was filled with loud, exciting memories of a past like many of you reading. My teenage years were full of “typical teenage things”, we can just leave it at that.
Then one day, those things didn’t have the same effect on me, they weren’t as exciting, and I found myself looking over the edge of something new, but somewhere I had never been before…

As I stepped off the edge, the earth, the world was pulling at me still, but this time from a different angle. My heart was thrilled for the things of God, and I was fulfilled with ministry, service and I took in all that it had to offer. Sunday school classes, community outreach, missions trips — they all worked powerful in my heart.

Then I drew closer to Christ, but along the way, there were times that I was afraid to trust. Any new position I took in life was met with an involuntary reaction of trying to hold the ropes for myself. But little did I know, I was never the one to secure my self– He held the ropes the entire time.

Back on the platform of the bridge, I watched a team of men working together to pull each jumper back to the top — they did this job with passion, and excitement. Thinking of it now, I can compare those men to the pastor’s, teachers, and mentors who have been involved in my growth as a Christian; faithfully holding the ropes for others as they are on their journey and encouraging them to take chances, to be BOLD


As I walked back down the bridge to meet the ground once again, I looked back at the place I had just been– seeing the height, the depth of that chasm, it rushed through my veins again the incredible weight of what I had just done. It revived me again.



Are you standing on the ledge?

Are you waiting to get the courage to step out in faith?

What adventure are you trying to ignore from God because it’s uncertain territory?

I’m not saying the task will always be as fun and thrilling as jumping off of a bridge, but I can say that you can jump with assurity knowing that He holds the ropes.

Just Jump,



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