Let Go of Your Plans and Contingencies

I like plans. I always have from as far back as I can remember. I like to make plans. I like for those around me to have plans. In fact, I typically like to have a plan B just in case plan A doesn’t work out. And sometimes, I even feel more comfortable if I have a plan C; you know, just in case the other two fail. And let’s not mention sub-plans for just in case part of a particular plan doesn’t work but I’m not ready to scrap the entire plan!

Contingency Plan Flow Chart


The problem with my plans is just that–they are my plans. I’ll review just a few of “my” plans:

1. High School Dating–There was this guy who, as a high schooler, I would have told you was “the one.” But through a series of what I consider (VERY!!!) fortunate events, this plan was scrapped. God had much better plans than I did at the time, though I couldn’t see them. Had my plan worked,  I wouldn’t have known the wonderful and perfect-for-me gift God wanted to give me in giving me Robert Canfield, the husband HE had planned for me!

2. Ministry Calling–After the fiasco with the botched husband plans I was certain that God would have me serve Him on the mission field. I even started deputation to work in an orphanage overseas. After some time trying to raise support that never fully came in, God opened doors for me to get more training at the Our Generation Training Center at Vision Baptist Church under the direction of my pastor, Austin Gardner. It was during this time that I let go of many of my plans as a single girl. It was also here that I met my husband and was given a new ministry calling–that of helper to Robert. Since then God has placed Robert on the staff at Vision, and I get the privilege to help take care of the missionaries as a secretary for Vision Baptist Missions.

3. My Health–This has been by far the hardest “plan” give up. I am still learning how to trust God’s plan. Although I didn’t realize it until just about three years ago, God has had a very different plan for my life in the area of my health. I have a neuromuscular disease known as Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. I am sure you are all aware that I certainly had other plans for my life! But through this illness, God has given me a wonderful opportunity to know Him in a way I am sure I wouldn’t have were it not for the daily, even momentary dependence on Him He is helping me develop. And in this illness, He is giving me a ministry opportunity I wouldn’t have had without it. You can follow my chronicling of His working in my life at my blog.


There are other plans I could list that didn’t line up with what God had planned for my life. I am sure you could say the same thing about plans you had for your life. I am happy to know that God has much better plans for me than I could have ever planned for myself. He has told us in Isaiah 55:8-9, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” These verses bring me so much comfort today. When I feel my world is falling apart, I run to this passage and repeat it continually in my mind. You see, no plan God has had for my life has ever failed. He is the One who holds all things together. Even in my illness, God has not failed. He is using the circumstances He brings in my life as a mean to mold me and shape me more into the image of His Son. And He won’t fail. I can rest even in the plans I wouldn’t have chosen for myself because I trust Him to accomplish His will for me.

You can do the same.

You may be dating a guy that is not going to work out. Rest in His plans. Your career choice may not happen. He has better plans. You may be struggling with a decision your husband made that has completely uprooted your family. Trust God to work through your husband. You health may be failing and you don’t know what God could possibly be doing. No matter the circumstance, remember that you had faith to trust Him with your eternity. Have faith to trust him with your today. He loves you. He has plans for you. And He has promised all throughout His Word that His plans for you and His gifts for your are far better than anything you could have imagined for yourself. Just trust Him.



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  • 6 thoughts on “Let Go of Your Plans and Contingencies

    1. God bless you, Kelly, I am so very blessed to be able to watch God use you. Your love for Him, your quiet patience in suffering, your determination to honor God all bless me so much. I think of you and pray for you on a very regular basis.

      I am certainly glad that God brought you to Vision. I am glad that you and Robert met, have such a wonderful family and make such a great contribution.

      Keep up the good work. You inspire me. You teach me. You bless me!

    2. Very good! I always want a plan A, B, and contingency as well. Funny how when we trust God’s plan, we never need a backup!

    3. Kelli-Thank you for this reminder. I needed to hear it today. I’m thankful God has plans that are way better than my plans. I love you.

    4. Kelli, The Lord bless you. This speaks to my heart as I watch Scott figure out the plans in our life! God truly has the best plan, we all need to yield to God’s plan “A”! I love you, Mom2

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