Letters from the Adversary – Part 1

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour
I Peter 5:8



My dearest Legion,

You may have heard the unfortunate news! Yet again, another family has enlisted to engage in battle, in a place where we have a strong foothold, we must not let this happen! This place is ours, we rule there and we cannot allow an opposition to sneak in and tear down our teachings. Of course I have a strategy but I need your help. Today due to the urgency of the matter I will speak of our first course of action, we shall start with it and then tomorrow we will talk of plan B.

We will start with the man, they have become quite the easy target as of late. We will play on his insecurities, oh how fun this will be. This foreign language to him, will make him feel weak, we must often remind him of how childish he sounds. He must feel like a failure, especially when he opens that dreaded book and speaks to his crowd. We must distract him, pinch the babies, throw in a few mosquitoes, blow the pages of his notes, he must not stay focused because he indeed has the capability to speak, but we need him to forget this. Will shall remind him that he is just a simple 2nd lieutenant in this battle, no where near the rank of the Generals we have fighting against him. His sword has never tasted blood and hopefully never will.

After this our plan of action has set a perfect battle ground, because see I know this man, I have watched him struggle with one thing for years now, it’s one of my most prized sources of ammunition, it is pride. He will be out in the battle often feeling alone, unequipped, untrained and he will began to wonder what all those of higher ranks are thinking of him. He will wish for the awards and accolades of his homeland that he received before his departure, only to be reminded of his utter failure. The comparisons he will make of his new congregation to those of those back home will be foolish, because the obstacles are incomparable but let’s not remind of this, let’s throw numbers and statistics in his face as often as we can. The social media battle that we have played so well will remind him of where his peers are and what real success looks like. He will become discontent merely being a foot soldier for his King.

We will almost have him trapped, I just know it! I do know another area of weakness is lack of accountability. He will quickly forget that there is someone watching his every move. We want him to become stagnant in his language studies. We need him to be reminded that no one will applaud him for knocking on all those doors, and there is a good chance he wouldn’t be understood anyway, why sweat in the heat? We need him to become lazy; he needs to question why he even works. Laziness is when we attack the hardest and hit where it hurts him the most, with his family

All I have mentioned will make him feel as a failure in front of his wife. We need him to stop leading his family, if he actually leads his family we are in trouble. When he watches his wife feel sad, and his children scared, he will think of himself as a loser, and we will be one step closer. When his wife innocently refers to “home” speaking of the place they have left, it will be our queue to whisper that she is unhappy and he is to blame. The tears he pretends to not notice as they lay in bed at night will be our hammer to his head telling him he has brought her to the uttermost parts of misery. If he gently loves her, our plan may not work, we need him to respond with anger, anger will fuel her discontentment and our destruction will almost be complete. This home, which once was filled with two happy adults in love, joyful, and playful kids will be our battleground. When we are through we must leave nothing but chaos, bullets of bitterness and holes of discontentment. They will never make it if we can turn this man into a bitter husband and an angry father.

Of course, we have our normal temptations, we must play all the cards. The man is not accustomed to the sexual culture of our areas, it will actually be quite easy to tempt. If we get the husband, we have the family! If we have the family, we still hold our ground! This matter is of utmost urgency. I have my target set, this man, who calls himself a missionary, must not try to take over where I am most strong. My guns are loaded and I am ready, help me my fallen angels, help me win this battle and send another one back.

Go quickly; fight tonight and tomorrow I will speak of our next step.

Yours for the battle,
General Lucifer

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  • 12 thoughts on “Letters from the Adversary – Part 1

    1. I am here as a single lady, serving as a teacher alongside my friends, the ones I refer to as the “real” missionarries; yet, I have felt these same attacks. I am very educated, yet even the pre-schoolers laugh at my (lack of) grammar in my new language. I, too, struggle with pride and loneliness. It is easy to expect too much from my friends who have come before me and have won enough families to facilitate the need of a Christian school. On more than one occassion Satan has used me to be a source of discouragement for them, which is the last thing I would want. I conceded those battles, asked forgiveness, and pick up the Sword and Shield to go on.

      1. Thanks for reading Emily! I think we have all been there and completely understand, I will be praying for you and the ministry God has given you.

        1. Thank you. Today i have read through part 4 and received some much-needed wisdom. I will be praying for you also; I am going to read more about your ministry and service through your profile.

        2. Prayers for your work there in S Africa. Your name will be easy for me to remember … the SS Teacher who had the most impact on my life was Lila Coffee. Thanks again for your “letters.”

          1. Thanks so much for reading! Many people remember my name, especially early in the morning 🙂 Thanks so much for praying for us as well.

            1. Thanks Amy, great blog, super powerful, praying for you, The Underwoods and all our missionaries of WBC on the field. I thank God for your sacrifice and service where I’m not able to go, my prayers and support is with you all.

              Excited in His service

      2. Keep on keeping on Emily, the field needs Christian teachers for those precious ones that Christ died for. And hear one day, “you have fought a good fight…” by our Lord.
        Excited in His service

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