Letters from the Adversary – Part 2

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,

as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

I Peter 5:8



To my Fellow Warriors,

Well done on your hard work yesterday, I do believe we have made some ground. This morning, due to his frustrations of yesterday, the man awoke tired and defeated, he slept too late and therefore avoided reading his instructions from his Commander, this is the best thing that could have happened for us.

As for today, we shall continue with our plan and add a new strategy as well. Today we start targeting the woman. As for this woman, my strategies can be endless, but we will start with a few:

Loneliness, we have to make her think that her King isn’t enough. The husband and children he gave her aren’t satisfying! She will crave friendships, but we will continue to cause chaos with this new language, and friendships will be hard to acquire for her. We will use her own home-base against her, encouraging her to stay confined in those four walls, with nothing but her own unhappiness to consume her. The more idol she stays, the more active we can be with her mind, we can captivate her thoughts and consume her with self.

We must make her feel overwhelmed, the children, the study, the housework, as well as all the new sicknesses we can throw in should make her feel utterly exhausted at the end of each day; ideally she will have little time with the “ONE” we fear the most, this too will aid with her loneliness. This year, we can add miserable weather to make her feel utterly depressed. There are so many little things that will push her mentally off the edge of happiness: lets cut the power right at dinner time, give all the children lice, germs will be so easy to obtain in this area. We must often whisper to her that her children missed Christmas with their grandparents, that she is not safe, and something bad may happen. We must make her feel out of control.

Another plan of action I have is a fun one; we can attack more than one person at a time. If we have her crave the life of others it will create one of my favorite environments, an environment of jealousy. When she sees all the other females in her homeland enjoying the weather, the food, and their companionship she will crave that and detest what she has. It won’t be long until she will not be able to stomach living there, I get so excited just thinking about it. We will constantly whisper in her mind, “don’t you wish you had that?”, and certainly not reminding her of all that she does have. I know of another way to use this key weapon of jealousy. Her teammates, which also are trying to battle against us, can actually be used for us to destroy this woman. She will long to have their abilities, their finances, their status in rank that she will see only bad in these women to make herself feel superior. She will not want to work well with them. If we cause discord, start rumors, place thoughts of insecurities their squad will crumble. If we make it so the fight is among themselves, then it leaves no time for the fight to be against us and we shall remain victorious.

Oh I can’t wait to start on this strategy, I find it so humorous to watch. I laugh just thinking about this woman and her sensitivity. So many ways we can make her oversensitive, which will breed her misery. When people on the street are laughing, whisper that it’s her differences they are laughing at. When her husband, is frustrated with his work, whisper it is her he is frustrated at. When the people from her land forget her special days, whisper she is no longer loved and never remembered. When we shoot our arrows to make her life more difficult, whisper her King doesn’t love her and treats her poorly. We need tears to be constantly on her face; with tears there are no smiles. Soon, my angels, she will die in her own misery.

The plan for her in public is set in place, but I have another for her private place. Hopefully the man has caused havoc in the home, but she as well can add to it. We will make her start to feel unappreciated and insignificant for the work she does there. She will begin to resent every meal cooked and dish washed; she must think others expect much bigger and heroic things of her. We will produce things that will make her edgy with her husband: the newness of this culture, the chaos of her children, and the load of everyday life. If we can began to cultivate a woman that always nags, disrespects, and pays no attention to the man, we will destroy them. If she is exhausted every night, the man will become neglected and seek for fulfillment elsewhere. This woman is an open battleground with her mother’s heart, so much so that I will wait to draw it out in my plan for her children tomorrow.

Finally my brothers: whatsoever things that are lies, things that are rumors, all things prideful, all the evil in the land, all the sad things, all her loneliness, if we can produce bad habits if we can produce negativity from afar, She must think of these things.

Yours for the battle,


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  • 13 thoughts on “Letters from the Adversary – Part 2

    1. It’s neat reading this from this perspective! And it’s so true! I’ve never been on the mission field, but Satan definitely uses tactics like these every day on us! If we could only recognize these attacks when they come, and recognize them as being from Satan!

    2. Wow. This is absolutely amazing. We are not ignorant of his devices. This makes me want to do so much more for missionary mamas.

      As I read, I thought of how the battle plan might look for those of us back home. “Tell her she is wasting her life just going through the humdrum happy American life. Make her forget that she has a mission field where she is, and instead make her compare her unglamorous work with the exciting and exotic lives of missionaries. Make the guilt of ‘wasting her life’ distance her from her missionary friends who need her encouragement. Keep her busy with unimportant things and selfish insecurities so she forgets to pray for missionaries. Ditto all the things for her husband that you are doing with the missionary husbands; it works, so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

      God bless you and thanks so much for writing this.

      1. You must have read my draft for Thursday already:) Thanks so much for reading it, I may have to re-touch my senders post, you have some excellent thoughts.

    3. I loved this. This was a huge eye opener to me and got me really thinking. This is why I need to constantly be in my Bible and in constant communication with God. When trials come, I want to stay strong.

    4. Amy, you have virtually “stolen” and published the enemy’s handbook. Our captain is given us the Victory, but we often neglect our own playbook.

      1. I struggled with a title for this series, I wish I would have thought of The Enemy’s handbook 🙂

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