Letters from the Adversary – Part 3
 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,

as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

I Peter 5:8



Dear soldiers of mine,

I applaud you for the hard work you are doing.   The woman is an emotional wreck, which has played havoc with the insecurities of the man.   We are winning.   I can feel it.

We must seal their fate with what can be the final bullet for our victory.    Both the man and woman will surely crumble when we involve their children.  At times, the woman especially, places these children as her idols.   Much to her harm, she loves them more than anything.  This little secret we know, the one she will deny, that her god is her child, will be her ultimate weakness and their commission will remain incomplete.

Our greatest victory, the victory that would win each of you a medal of honor, would be keeping these children in the dark.  They too, can live their whole lives believing our lies.   I know this sounds impossible, their parents work to destroy us, but there are ways this can be done.   We can confuse them at an early age.    We can create bitterness and resentment from the chaos we have worked so hard on in their home, that they want nothing to do with this kind of life.   Our best strategy is to attack young, attack while they don’t understand this language and can’t read His instructions.   These parents will be overworked and tired that reading and teaching daily to them won’t exist.  The longer we keep them in the dark, the better they will work for us as they grow.

We as well, have other ways we can attack with extreme force.   Friendships for these young ones can be complicated.   The mother will fear the influence of the culture and isolate them.   We can make it so the schools will almost be impossible to access.  The dad will be so busy preparing other soldiers that he won’t have the time to take them to activities.  Before they know it, their childhood will be one of extreme loneliness and idle time, where we will attack even the children’s thought life.  I wish I lived…., I wish I could play…. I wish I had…. I wish we weren’t…are just some of thoughts we will use to cause the children to think only of themselves and not of what’s around them.   If they realize that the life they live, is one of great honor, adventure, and in actuality better then the majority of the world, we will lose our battle with them.  I do not foresee this being as big of a challenge as it may seem.  Our greatest weapon is the words they hear not from us, but from their parents.  The discontentment they see in them, will quickly be true in their lives as well.

The awkwardness they feel from not truly belonging in one place or the other.   All the many culture differences aiding us in making them self-conscious.  The learning challenges we will introduce, and the lack of stability will just be some of arrows we will use to produce self-conscious children.    We will use this in the child’s life to cause great resentment.   We will use it in the parent’s life so they will excuse the growing up process and cripple their child from becoming an adult.  The last thing we want is another adult to fight against us there.   Hopefully before long we will have a bitter teenager and frustrated adults.   This is exactly where I want them.

Sending peers to influence these small ones to our side will be easy. We have many options with our allies there:  they can befriend them and influence them to our ways, they can cause harm to them or they can ridicule them. Each way will cause the parents great heart ache.  They will blame the people of this country, forgetting we have strongholds and allies in every place.   But there is no denying, their battle zone is one where our presence can be felt at every turn.

We will make them feel pressure to live up to their parent’s title. Those from afar will want them to act a certain way to be deserving of their support.   Those locally will expect a great deal from these little foreigners from the great land.  Even their own parents will give no room for error at the expense of it making them look bad to others.   My hope is for them to be stressed little humans without the wisdom of how to handle it.The destruction of the children will cause these parents great pain.  Remember: They have no greater heartache then to hear their children are walking in the dark.  I don’t see them enduring it much longer.

My angels, don’t take these small humans for granted.  They at a young age, can aid greatly in their parent’s mission.    They can learn to love and serve our enemy.   I fear that these children will grow into some of the strongest soldiers we may face if we don’t act now.

Go quickly this is most urgent


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  • 9 thoughts on “Letters from the Adversary – Part 3

    1. Great article, love it. Pretty crazy to think that everything the devil throws at us is all about our mind and what we let our attitude be about things.

      1. Our mind is a huge battle ground but Job is a good example about how he hits us physically too. He literally took away everything financially from him as well as attacked his body. But you are right that in the end, if we keep our mind on the fact that ultimately God is victorious no matter what, Satan can’t win.

    2. This is an amazing article. I am definitely going to constantly be on guard, and try to guard my emotions and constantly ask myself if this is Satan, or God. Thank you for writing these!

    3. Definitely is satan attacking the next generation! I have learned that my main ministry through teaching in the Christian school, and now on the mission field is to help these young people see themselves as an instrument for God. As children of great Christian leaders they have a unique set of tools in their toolbox, but the work they decide to do with them will become their own lives. Trying to live on the faith of their parents is as dangerous as rebelling against it.

      1. It really is, my prayer for my children is that their personal relationship with Jesus is the most precious thing to them and the thing they work the hardest to cultivate. Thanks again for your encouraging words.

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