Letters from the Adversary – Part 4

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,

as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

I Peter 5:8



My Dearest Legion,

I must admit, I thought after attacking the man, then the woman and now their children we would have obtained victory already! I have put much thought into this and have re-evaluated our strategy over and over.  Our current strategy is great but after much thought I now know why they have yet been defeated.  We forgot to aim our missiles at the people who are holding their ropes back in their land.  They are the reason: their support, their encouragement, their pleading to their King on behalf of the soldiers, is why they are still at war against us. Yes we have damaged the enemy lines but I forgot we must attack the ones behind the lines as well.   We have to attack the people at Headquarters!

I have a few ways we can began this new battle of ours.

First we must make them feel unimportant to this war.  That only those on the front line make a difference and only they will receive the praises of their King. We must put doubts and insecurities in their thought-life so then they will second guess every investment, every dollar, every second of their time devoted to the war against us. They must not see their value.  They can’t realize that it’s their efforts that are sustaining this war.

Also, I do believe, we need to launch an agenda to remind them that the sacrifice is too risky. If they invest their hearts in these soldiers they will hurt too much when departure comes. We need to shoot darts of doubt when they are reminded how long each tour of duty is. The easiest strategy for them would be the best for us, abandonment.

This next strategy will be simple to complete. We have to interfere with communication. Their communication system is vital to their success in this battle. The time zone difference will automatically aid us in our cause but we have so much we can add as well. We can interfere with their technology, internet connection can easily be tampered with. I laugh to think of how frazzled they get when the thought of instant communication gets taken away. We must make each side so weary and busy dodging the bullets of everyday that they have no time to maintain their lines of communication. Before long it will be months of not communicating, special days missed, and relationships weakened. The Soldiers will be deflated and cast blame to the Headquarters. Headquarters will think the soldiers forsook to take the necessary time to reach out to them. It is the perfect clash of communications and will only aid us in our victory.

When communication is lacking, it is then  that we cause those at Headquarters to become frustrated with those overseas. The soldiers will aid us, constantly expecting support from back home with no regards to the battles being forged there. We will ceaselessly attack that side on their own soil, firing bullets at their work, their finances, their churches, their families. When the soldiers are needy for support, our enemies at Headquarters will resent them.   Their battle , too, is real and their patriotism to their King is no less. They have battled hard for their money and the temptation to keep it all for themselves will be nearly impossible to resist. Like the soldiers, they have emotional battles and need friends and encouragement, yet the those that fight abroad will only see the chaos we have created with no appreciation for those that fight for the same cause a world away.

We always have a financial strategy we can play as well. This war is huge, we must drain their money on both sides as quickly as we can. We can cause havoc with the economy back home, headquarters will have to cut resources quickly and often just to survive themselves.   The first place we want them to cut is to this foreign war.   When the soldiers run out of money support, the purchase of weapons, ammo, campsites, and training will all be put on hold. This will aid us immeasurable in our battle to reign in our land.

Lastly, let us constantly remind these people from Headquarters that their King has no reserves from enlisting even their own children. The enlistment into battle could mean death, persecution, or injury, but at the minimum much separation from their loved ones as we continue to rage against them.  As heroic as this seems, we must encourage these parents to keep their children far from the battle and to keep them far from soldiers who may influence them to enlist. Life for them would be better if they all remained together, and victory for us will be easier if they do so as well. Let’s make them prioritize love of family over love of their King, it wont be that difficult to make letting go unfathomable. 

My angels, I do believe this will work. I know the victory will be ours. Lets fight like we have never fought before so tomorrow we can continue our reign in this dark land. Our strong hold will only be tighter because now our people have seen that indeed victory lies with me not with HIM.

Your mighty leader,

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  • 3 thoughts on “Letters from the Adversary – Part 4

    1. This is a great series with much needed thought-provoking insight. Thank you for your encouragement today!

    2. I really appreciated this article. I have been so guilty of all of these. It really puts in into perspective that my laziness to keep in touch and tendency to “keep my distance” because it hurts less, are the very thing the devil is using.

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